Near the Isthmus of Panama a lighthouse keeper dies, and a replacement must be found quickly. Why does he want the job? He has spent his life wandering the world and yet never quite achieving his dreams and is ready to rest. I am old, I need rest. This is your port.

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Henryk Sienkiewicz Biographical Henryk Sienkiewicz , the most outstanding and prolific Polish writer of the second half of the nineteenth century, was born in Wola Okrzejska, in the Russian part of Poland.

Sienkiewicz studied in Warsaw, but without any visible results. His talent as a writer was soon discovered. His early works are satirical sketches, betraying a strong social conscience. He made a trip to America in and travelled as far as California. His impressions were published in Polish newspapers and received very favourably. His travels provided him with material for several works, among them the brilliant short story Latarnik [The Lighthouse Keeper].

After his return to Poland, Sienkiewicz devoted himself to historical studies, the result of which was his great trilogy about Poland in the midseventeenth century.

The historical novels were followed by works on contemporary subjects: Bez dogmatu [Without Dogma], a psychological study of a sophisticated decadent man, and Rodzina Polanieckich [Children of the Soil], a peasant novel. In Sienkiewicz published his greatest success, Quo Vadis, a novel of Christian persecutions at the time of Nero.

In his later novels he returned again to historical subjects. Krzyzacy deals with a period of medieval history, the victory of the Poles over the Teutonic Knights; Na polu chwaly [On the Field of Glory] is a sequel to his seventeenth-century trilogy.

His last works Wiry [Whirlpools] and W pustyni i w puszczy [In Desert and Wilderness] again deal with contemporary subjects. Sienkiewicz was immensely popular. In , a national subscription raised enough funds to buy for him the castle in which his ancestors had lived. The complete edition of his works, published , runs to sixty volumes. It was later edited and republished in Nobel Lectures. To cite this document, always state the source as shown above.

Henryk Sienkiewicz died on November 15,


Latarnik test z treści

Niezwykle dobre opowiadanie o samotnym starym latarniku w cudzym kraju i w pewien dzien rozmyslajacym nad stracona ojczyzna. May 18, Piet Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Paperback32 pages. Lamia rated it it was ok May 30, Many of his novels were first serialized in newspapers, and even today are still in print. Madalen rated it it was ok Sep 26, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


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