Motaur Statistical analyzis were performed using the McNemmar adjustment test 18 which the paired data were evaluated and organized regarding dde concordance. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz ; 11 1: This study confirmed that using a faudt of the gold standard technique Willis and the HPJL method, which is the technique most widely employed in diagnostic laboratories, increases the diagnostic efficiency. Segunda encuesta nacional de infecciones parasitarias intestinales en Cuba, Evaluation of the accuracy of parasitological techniques for the diagnosis of intestinal parasites in cats. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Faust was in Heilbronn, performing his troublesome arts throughout the region, he often went to Boxberg Castle, where he was always courteously received. The ladies complained about the frost, and he immediately caused the sun to shine warmly, the snow-covered ground to turn green, and a mass of violets and beautiful flowers of every kind to spring forth.

Then at his command the trees blossomed, and -- following the desires of the group -- apples, plums, peaches, and other good fruit ripened on the branches. Finally he caused grape vines to grow and bear grapes. He then invited each of his companions to cut off a grape, but not before he gave the signal to do so.

When all of them were ready to cut away he removed the deception from their eyes, and each one saw that he was holding a knife against the nose of the person next to him. The part of the garden where this took place has ever since been called "the violet garden. He got into his carriage hitched to four black horses and drove away like the wind, and he did indeed arrive in Heilbronn punctually at the strike of twelve. A man working in a field saw how horned spirits paved the way before the carriage, while others pulled up the paving stones from behind and carried them away, thus destroying every trace of the pavement.

Creuzbauer, , pp. Link to a German-language version of the above legend: Dr. Faust zu Boxberg. It was written by Doctor Faust. Only a few people can read it, and it is extremely dangerous to read it. If one reads it forwards, the devil will appear.

If one reads it backwards, he will leave. Schulze, no. Although it could be interpretted "The devil will read it backwards," a more logical conclusion is "The devil will take possession of the careless reader. Many advocates of the black art have unsuccessfully attempted to find this book. Source: Joh. Faust in Erfurt Germany At one time the renowned Dr. Faust sojourned in Erfurt. He lived in Michelsgasse next to the great Collegium.

As a learned professor and with the permission of the academic senate he lectured in the large auditorium of the Collegium Building about Greek poets. Indeed, he explained Homer to his audience, the students, describing the heroic figures of the Iliad and the Odyssey so realistically that the students expressed their desire to see them with their own eyes. He made this possible, conjuring them up from the underworld, but when the students saw the powerful giant Polyphemus, they all became terrified and wanted to see or hear nothing more from him.

He drove through the narrowest street in Erfurt with a double-span load of hay, for which reason this street has ever since been called "Dr. Another time he tapped all kinds of wine from a wooden table and made the drunken drinking companions think that they saw grapes.

He is said to have created a magnificent winter garden and provided delicious meals for numerous noble guests, thus achieving a high reputation. Soon everyone in Erfurt was talking of nothing but Dr. Faust, and it was feared that a great many people would be led astray through his devilish arts.

Thus a learned monk by the name of Dr. Klinge was sent to convert him. But Faust did not want to be converted. In response to the masses and prayers directed at tearing him away from the devil, Dr. Faust said, "No, my good Dr. Klinge, it would be disreputable for me to break the contract that I signed with my blood.

That would be dishonest. The devil has honestly upheld his promises, and I will also keep my word with him. Faustus was a totally unrepentant sinner. Then Faust was banished from the city of Erfurt, and never again has a sorcerer been accepted there. Source: J. Faust and Melanchton in Wittenberg Germany It is not true, as some claimed as early as the middle of the sixteenth century, that Dr. Faust grew up in Wittenberg and earned a doctorate of theology there, that he lived near the outer gate and had a house and garden in a street named Schneegasse which never existed , and that he was strangled by the devil in the village of Kimlich, a half mile from Wittenberg, in the presence of several scholars and students.

However, he did spend time in Wittenberg and was tolerated there for a while, until he became so crude that they tried to imprison him, and then fled to another place. While in Wittenberg he approached Philipp Melanchton, who read the book to him, scolding him and warning him that if he did not immediately desist from his evil ways he would come to an evil end, which did indeed happen. He did not repent.

Someday, when you are about to sit down to a meal, I am going to cause all the pots in the kitchen to fly up the chimney, so that you and your guests will have nothing to eat. I on your art! Another old God-fearing man also tried to convert him.

The devil walked about in the room, grunting like a sow. The man, however, was not afraid. Armed with his faith, he ridiculed the devil: "What a fine voice you have!

Faust, however, did lead a student astray. Lercheimer himself knew one of his friends well into an advanced age. This man had a crooked mouth. Whenever he wanted a hare, he would go out into the woods, make his hocus-pocus, and a hare would run right into his hands. Philipp Melanchton , humanist, classical scholar, theologian, and professor at the University of Wittenberg, was an important associate of Martin Luther in the protestant reformation.

He said that with the help of his magic powers he could get her anything she wanted. The countess graciously accepted his friendly offer and told him that a great desire of hers would be satisfied if she could have some fresh fruit such as grapes, cherries, and peaches, instead of the dried confection and nuts that she currently had.

But she thought that neither he nor any other magician could get such things in the middle of a harsh winter. Doctor Faustus took three silver platters, set them in front of the dining room window, muttered a magic formula, then soon returned with fresh fruit. The first platter was filled with apples, pears, and peaches; the second with cherries, apricots, and plums; and the third filled with red and green grapes. He invited the countess to partake of the fruit, which she did with great pleasure.

When it came time for Doctor Faustus to take leave of Anhalt, he requested the count and the countess to accompany him on a walk, for he wanted to show them something new. Water birds were swimming in its broad moats.

The palace had five towers. As the party came closer, they found that two of the towers and the outer yard were alive with a menagerie of rare animals which were walking a jumping about inside, without injuring one another. There were apes, monkeys, bears, chamois, ostriches, as well as other animals. An elaborate breakfast awaited them in one of the halls. The food and wine were such that everyone ate and drank with great pleasure until they were full.

After spending more than an hour in this place, the party left the beautiful palace. As they were approaching Anhalt Castle they looked back at the new palace and saw and heard it go up in flames, with the sound of rifles and canons.

Faustus and Wagner had disappeared, and they all were suddenly as hungry as lions. They had to have breakfast once again, for everything that they had eaten had been merely an illusion.


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