Alms for Oblivion, "For Sale" Passages and claims were repeated by many who had never read the book but were happy to repeat things. He became a Mason in and demitted requested that he be removed from active membership in Art deHoyos and S.

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Monday, August 12, Anti-Mason Jim Shaw Anti-Masons, in their condemnation of the fraternity, often cite "former Freemasons" as proof that we Freemasons are evil in whatever form and involved with nefarious agendas. Recently I saw an uptick in citing him and I thought it prudent to present the facts. Shaw claims to have become a born-again Christian and decided that it was his duty to expose Freemasonry to save others from the "deadly deception. It is sad to say, but Jim Shaw was a Freemason for a time.

Shaw was initiated into Evergreen Lodge No. He affiliated with Allapattah Lodge No. Shaw claims he presided over the four bodies of the Scottish Rite, but, again, no records existed to substantiate his claim. What the records do show that is that within the Valley of Miami, he only served as an appointed officer: Prelate , Captain of the Host , Assistant Expert , Expert , and Master of Ceremonies On top of those minimum time limits, you must be years of age.

It is also important to note that with his claims he never provides any documentation to support this argument. Anti-Masons claim that this lack of extant records is due to the fact that he burned everything else, but the KCCH investment How convenient. Brothers Arturo de Hoyos and S. Some anti-Masons claim that Freemasons altered records to discredit Jim Shaw. Such a conspiracy would require the Grand Lodge of Florida recalling and altering every copy of its Proceedings that it sends out within its own jurisdiction as well as numerous copies that go to other Grand Lodges and Masonic bodies.

Then Allapattah Lodge would have to recalled and altered their Lodge minutes, officer photos, monthly bulletins, annual reports, Lodge awards, and their sign-in rosters for their Lodge that would have listed Shaw as a Worshipful Master. While I did not know him personally, it is clear from his actions that he was a poor Mason, a poor man, and a poor Christian.

He manipulated facts, exaggerated his resume, and fabricated lies to increase is Masonic pedigree in the eyes of the foolish and the vicious. His lies were not just simple mistakes of a misguided Mason, but calculated to deliberately slander the fraternity that he fled from. The only "Deadly Deception" is the deception Shaw foists on his readers. As Brother Morris states, this book is a fine example of the level to which anti-Masons are willing to stoop in pursuing their vendetta against Freemasonry".

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Freemasonry exposed by Freemasons



The Deadly Deception - Jim Shaw


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