Really hot. Think Percy Jackson. Think Katniss Everdeen. Sure, these types of stories have been around forever. Star Wars still! Or at least, soon.

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Really hot. Think Percy Jackson. Think Katniss Everdeen. Sure, these types of stories have been around forever. Star Wars still! Or at least, soon. Well, let me fill you in…. He also co-wrote both Fantastic Four movies, and wrote the screenplay for The Greatest Game Ever Played which he also produced, and the movie was based on his own bestselling book , so he is no stranger to literature, fantasy, pop culture, and the entertainment industry.

The reason why I mention this is that even before the first book of the series was published, film rights for The Paladin Prophecy had been acquired by Reliance Entertainment and Kintop Pictures in a reportedly seven figure deal.

The first installment of the trilogy, with screenplay by Mark Frost based on the first book of the series, which was published in September is scheduled to be released sometime this year. Pretty heady stuff, even for the shenanigans of Tinseltown. The original book of the series, The Paladin Prophecy: Book 1, introduces us to our young hero, Will West, a boy who moves around with his parents a lot, and is told to lay low and not draw attention to himself.

A smart, athletic kid, Will has no reason to doubt his loving, slightly eccentric parents — that is, until mysterious men in dark suits take over his parents and Will is forced to flee. Through his quick wit, some rather amazing burgeoning abilities, and the sudden intervention of strangers, Will finds himself whisked away from his home territory in California to an exclusive — and reclusive — prep school for extraordinary students tucked deep in the woods of northern Wisconsin, known only as The Center.

It is here that Will, along with his equally gifted roommates, stumble on a sinister underground society of students known as the Knights of Charlemagne. From there, hints of an age old conflict that predates mankind and alludes to monsters from another dimension who battle with denizens of Heaven promise an ever widening circle of discovery, intrigue and danger for Will and his friends. Book 2 of the Paladin Prophecy series, Alliance, just released recently, is able to take the exposition, world building, back story and character building so deftly laid out in the first book, and finally get to the gristle of the bigger story of the trilogy hinted at in Book 1.

You will definitely need to read the first book in order to fully appreciate the second, although with a very healthy suspension of disbelief, Alliance could be read as a stand-alone novel… well, with a cliff-hanger ending. The current Knights of Charlemagne may have been dispersed, but Will and his friends Nick, Ajay, Elise and Brooke are just now fully understanding how long and how deeply the Knights have been infiltrating politics, affecting history through the years and across the globe.

And Will knows even more than the others. His own surprising heritage, the harrowing experiences he has seen and been a part of, and the information given from — dare I say it, his guardian angel an Aussie named Dave, no less — has enmeshed Will even more deeply into the conflict between The Other Side who reside just outside of our reality in a realm he knows as the Never-Was and the Hierarchy, who he assumes are the good guys.

Story lines from the first book continue to thread through the second, with every new discovery opening up even more intrigue and another layer of threat. I was amazed at the depth and complexity of the storyline plotted out so far in the Paladin Prophecy story arc, and how author Frost was able to allow it to unfold in a coherent and easily absorbed manner.

I mean, just trying to relay it in a few succinct paragraphs is almost impossible! Yet it remains entertaining and appropriate for young audiences and older fantasy enthusiasts alike. It should make for some rather amazing cinematic thrills and twists. I did take issue with major flights of believability, though. Plus, there seems to be a real dearth of diversity. Of the five power roommates, only one is a kid of color, and that is a stereotypical super-smart, but rather spindly boy of Indian descent half Indian, half Polish.

Many of the security guards at the school are Samoan — warrior-types, of course. And everyone on campus — all the students at least; well, all the female students, at least — are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Still and all, by the end of the second book, I was pretty much all-in.

Author Frost had thrown in a few twists that I had not anticipated but highly appreciated. The characters, while stretching credulity, remained consistent in their personalities, quirks and motivations. The friendships resonate, and the touch of romance is not intrusive nor forced. The tension pulses, and there is little sensationalism but a dash of the grotesque — just how kids will like it and parents will appreciate.

And I must admit, I was taken in with the cliff-hanger at the end of Alliance. Share this:.


The Paladin Prophecy Series

The story opens several months after the events of the first book. Will and his friends are still on campus at the Center, recovering from the ordeal they went through last time around. Summer is approaching and Will has been training, learning how to use his newly discovered powers. The shadowy Knights of Charlemagne were defeated, but Will knows that was just the first engagement. The true struggle is just beginning. Will, Brooke, Ajay, Nick and Elise have been brought even closer together by their shared experiences, and the stakes are about to get higher. But will a shocking betrayal doom them all?


Alliance (The Paladin Prophecy Series #2) by Mark Frost - PDF free download eBook


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