Open the catalog to page 1 Low height lighting needs know, there are a number of cases where conventional the best solution to road lighting problems. In situations such as these, conventional lighting is often deficient. Designed to satisfy standard lighting criteria in a low Furthermore Orus delivers quality in a lighting installation through three distinct attributes: Good The use of ceramic metal halide lamps with small burners, between 35W and 70W, is the best choice in terms of light control, driver comfort and power consumption. Because Orus is a radical

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Thorn products are designed to meet product safety and performance standards and conform to all relevant regulations covering environment, energy efficiency, restriction of hazardous substances and waste control.

We have invented a new dynamic design concept called PEC Performance, Efficiency and Comfort that embraces all criteria for vision, health and sustainability. This is used for lighting products and lighting schemes design. Do you have a sustainability policy? The Thorn brand has a Group Environmental, Health and Safety policy applied as a control on all our internal activities and this now includes sustainability, energy conservation and ecodesign elements.

We aim to do this by contributing to a better quality of life and by reducing our environmental footprint through innovative design and manufacturing, minimising resource and energy use. Do you have sustainability programmes or activities in place? Our customers and specifiers will be looking to our new products to deliver the best possible photometric performance, which will at least outperform future legislation.

Meanwhile we do not just develop new products, but we also have an ongoing photometric enhancement programme on existing products. They now exceed the minimum requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations of 45 luminaire lumens per circuit watt. These products are called Green Eco Liners.

Thorn has probably the largest team of lighting designers in the UK, many of whom are qualified with SLL and LIF, and are widely trained further under the Thorn Academy of Light umbrella to understand completely their responsibility in delivering energy effective, but fit-for-purpose, lighting schemes. Whenever possible we exceed the minimum requirements set by EU directives.

For instance, we are taking an industry leading step in using substitutes such as Nickel Metal Hydride NiMH as a cadmium free replacement for NiCd batteries in our emergency lighting products.

Do you adhere to, or have membership with any internationally recognised standards or principles promoting sustainability? We help to create standards and directives to protect the environment.

Is sustainable lighting achievable? Remember, we need light for modern life. Good lighting is achievable. Tackling climate change and providing light for a growing population, sustainably, is not impossible.

In Thorn we have good practices, lighting products, solutions, techniques and competence to ensure a healthy living environment that provides, for people in all places, Performance, Efficiency and Comfort.

Let us enjoy the illuminated environment, responsibly.


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History[ edit ] Birth of the company[ edit ] The Thorn brand started life as the Electric Lamp Service Company Limited, established by Sir Jules Thorn on 29 March , importing incandescent filament lamps and radio valves from the continent. Faced with increased import duties, [3] introduced to aid British manufacturing, Jules Thorn bought his first lighting factory, the Atlas Lamp Works Ltd in Edmonton , north London in In the company went public as Thorn Electrical Industries. When war broke out a second lamp site, run by the Vale Royal Electric Lamp Company, was bought in nearby Tottenham - in case Edmonton was bombed. When the war ended, Jules Thorn continued expansion through investing in new plants, partnerships and acquisitions, including the opening of an incandescent lamp operation in Merthyr Tydfil , [4] [5] South Wales in ; a technology transfer with Sylvania Electric Products Inc. In September a new London-based HQ was opened. Leuchten K.


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