Overview[ edit ] Jahangir holding a globe, — The text details the first nineteen years of his reign, but gave up the writing of his Memoirs in the seventeenth year of his reign. The first important printed version of Jahangirnama was by Sayyid Ahmad, printed at Ghazipur in and at Aligarh in Within the memoir, he noted many of his local level legislative policies in his large empire consisting of most of modern-day India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Among them were his decrees to manage and regulate the jagirdars.

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In the 17th year of the reign, when the emperor became ill and was growing weaker, the task of writing the Memoirs was entrusted to Mutamad Khan, a senior imperial officer the latter himself wrote a book, Iqbalnama-i-Jahangiri, comprising the history of the Mughal emperors until the accession of Shahjahan.

Various copies of the Tuzuk have been discovered in manuscript, among which there were forged copies also, in some copies there are interpolations. The Tuzuk, which was published by Syed Ahmed Khan at Gazipur and Aligarh, is considered to be the best preserved original text. This was also the copy that was published first. The Tuzuk has been rendered into English by more than one scholar, but the one rendered by Rogers and revised, edited and annotated by Beveridge is considered more acceptable to the scholars.

The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri is the most important source book for the reconstruction of the history of the Mughal empire in the reign of Jahangir. So the Tuzuk is also a very important source for the history of the Mughal expansion in Bengal. It should, however, be mentioned that Jahangir put stress on those points of the history of Bengal in which he was very much concerned.

Emphasis has been given to the circumstances that led to the death of his governor Qutbuddin Khan and the defeat of the Afghans under khwaja usman.

During the reign of Jahangir, more than half a dozen subahdars were sent from Delhi to rule Bengal and they fought many battles in Bengal, Kamrup and Assam, but these did not receive the attention of the emperor. From the time of Akbar, the Mughal aggression in Bengal was resisted by the Bhuiyans and among them those called bara-bhuiyans were very prominent.

They were also suppressed by subahdar Islam Khan Chishti, who conquered Bhati. In the Tuzuk, there is no reference to Bhati or the Bara-Bhuiyans and their leaders. In the Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri, the emperor covered the whole Mughal empire of which Bengal was only a part one of the 15 subah or provinces.

But the Tuzuk is very important in fixing the chronology, particularly the dates of appointment, recall or dismissal of subahdars and other imperial officers. This page was last modified on 31 December , at This page has been accessed 4, times.



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Bengal Subah Gujarat Subah. Stone arch at Tulapur confluence where Sambhaji was executed. Silver coin issued from Shahjahanabad, during the reign of Jahandar Shah. Seal of the emperor in the first year of tuzk e jahangiri reign. InAurangzeb married the Safavid princess, Dilras Banu Begum and she was his first wife and chief consort. Shujas army rested by the tank of Khajwa, about 30 miles to tuzk e jahangiri west of Fatehpur- Haswa inthe Allahabad District, between the Ganges and the Jumna. This page was last edited on 29 April jahxngiri, at The term tuzk e jahangiri currency during the 19th century, but remains disputed by Indologists, similar terms had been used to refer to the empire, including Mogul and Moghul.





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