Product Benefits High reliability and proven service performance uPVC pipes and fittings are one of the most preferred piping material world-wide for potable water supply and distribution pipes. Complete plastic system Extensive range of pipes and fittings are available. Smooth bore, free from incrustations Maintaining a smooth internal surface, preventing the build-up of deposits. Minimum maintenance required. Corrosion resistant Durable and complete plastic system with smooth internal bore.

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It is ideal for cold water plumbing applications. The Plumbing system exclusively for cold water plumbing is non- toxic, non- corrosive and does not allow any bacterial growth. It is designed for a 50 years life Available as a complete system along with a complete range of pipes and fittings, valves and solvent cement.

Ajay also ensures that its technical team is available to provide training and services round the clock for single family homes, large residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, and hospitals. Dealing in the most reliable and durable plumbing installations, we provide pipes and fittings which are the best in quality. With superior designs and high-resistance, Ajay Greenline is perfect for water distribution systems. Why choose Ajay Greenline? Ajay Greenline is made from a non-toxic plastic compound and is absolutely free from lead which makes it comparatively safer.

Better than plumbing applications manufactured from metals and concrete, Ajay Greenline has a higher resilience which makes them even more durable. We provide plumbing applications which have a shelf life of 50 years and more. In addition to being non-toxic and abrasion proof, every UPVC pipe at Ajay Greenline is designed to supply cold water through them with efficacy. We offer a wide and complete range of UPVC pipe fittings, valves, pipes and all other plumbing applications.

Another added benefit is that our products are lighter in weight and are conveniently transportable. Ajay Greenline is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals making the plumbing system protected against corrosion and chemical deterioration. Features And Benefits Fast and Easy to Install: Ajay Greenline Plubing system is lightweight and thus easy transporting , handling and installation time.

Lead-Free: Ajay greenline is manufactured from Lead-Free compound and thus safe for potable water distribution High Strength and UV Resistant: Ajay Greenline pipes and fittings have high resilience and are tough and durable products that have high tensile and high-impact strength. They withstand high pressure for long periods. The pipes and fittings are also UV resistant thus withstanding Ultraviolet degradation Does not Support Combustion: Ajay Greenline plumbing system is self-extinguishing and does not support combustion Corrosion Resistant: The pipes and fittings have internal corrosion resistance form most chemicals.

There is no scaling even in hard water. Cost Effective:.


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