Reddy, to offer Vela a new […]. X Not a member? She taking the cock in her mouth and enjoying sex on the table. So as on the cover page we can see that velamma is giving a hand job to the the two persons at the same time nude. Her entire life has been lived at the […].

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Checkout everything about her in this post, from latest stories and gossip of Velamma Bhabhi to free episodes of her cartoon comics Velamma bhabhi, also known as Velamma Lakshmi, is a pornographic cartoon character, a housewife like Savita bhabhi. Let us start your journey with Velamma bhabhi.

Velamma - Who Is She? According to the small biography of this babe, Mrs. Over the course of the entire series, Vela has sucked off two pilots at the same time, taught a younger white woman how to take tool and been pounded senseless by a horny doctor.

Chubby chasers with a particular penchant for Indian girls will do just fine here though: Velamma ticks all of the boxes in that regard. The popular title sister-in-law bhabhi is respectfully joined to the first names of all North Indian housewives. The famous character was developed through a comic strip medium by anonymous people active in India. It has since been converted into a subscription-based strip owned by kirtu. The intention o the creator was to make her look really like a South Indian married women.

Even though the character is fictitious, the audience expects the figure to look real. I do want to give this place the full Mr. Porn Geek will tell you all that he found over at Velamma. After cartoon porn star Savita Bhabhi came Velamma, a sexy aunty with real curves. Why are some men so turned on by Aunty? And is this liberating or degrading for women?

Most of us have heard of Savita Bhabhi. The sexy woman next door, with a penchant for extramarital affairs, who took the country by storm when she first appeared. Created in by U. The young housewife who is unafraid of her curves and her body and who always calls the shots has become an intrinsic part of the porn landscape in India.

Our ultimate aim was to satisfy all individuals with their own favorite sexy Indian porn toon character. We have also created other characters such as Priya Rao, Rita, Kammobai…" Deshmukh explains the differences between the two.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, she is always open to new sexual experiences. An incredibly voluptuous woman, she is not afraid to play out her sexual fantasies, be it with women or with more than one man at a time.

Velamma is an unusual porn star — she is unashamed of her body, her curves, and her skin color, and she proudly sports pubic and body hair. Even though the character is fictitious, the audience expects the character to look real. Based on the feedback received from our audience on our previous characters, we created Velamma," says Deshmukh. The situations that Velamma finds herself in are usually of her own doing. There are episodes in which she is forced to have sex despite not wanting to, where she sleeps with very young boys, and where her character slips off her sari for someone without bothering to check on the person.

Deshmukh is quick to defend these storylines. All the characters with whom Velamma has sex are above 18 years," says Deshmukh. It turns out that there are currently 96 productions on Velamma as of June , although my guess is that before , a total of releases will be available here. I went all the way back to the very first comic of Velamma: it was posted in January of This means that the operation and artist have been going on for over eight years now: talk about commitment to a project!

Still, you can cancel at any time, and the comics are available on both English and Hindi, plus you get full-resolution material that looks great on a p monitor. There are six downloads in total, although they come from several years ago, so you may find that the more recent releases at Velamma are a hell of a lot better in terms of artwork, language, and general polish. I must say that the reader for this website is fantastic — it goes full-screen and has a rolling list of thumbnail images at the bottom, plus you can navigate just using the left and right buttons on your keyboard.

Keeping up to date with Velamma Velamma Comics has a Telegram channel that you can access I use Telegram myself, fantastic program! If you like the artwork, the sexy aunty featured and want to see more of her in action, grab a month-to-month account, and play it by ear.

Since you can download content once inside, it might be an idea to sign up for just a month and then wait a while before going back for more recent releases.

On the whole, Mr. Porn Geek would rate this as a high niche — but decently developed — series with lots of great things going for it. Like what you read? Share it ahead.





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