By Korede Olawoyin When discussing the authenticity of the Bible with Muslims, one of the most likely issues that will come up among others is the title of the publication of the Jehovah Witness , called Awake. I have seen most Muslims quoting this publication saying that the Jehovah Witnesses claim that there are 50, thousand Errors in the Bible. This argument has gone viral like wild fire, no thanks to the late Ahmed Deedat who also make this popular in his publication, and without investigating this issue, most Muslims believed that this was the position of the Jehovah Witnesses. In this article, you will not only learn and discover this is nothing but a misrepresentation of what the Jehovah Witnesses published, but a misunderstanding of the study of Textual Criticism as well.

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Testament commonly read by Protestants and. Catholics Modern students say there are prohamy 50, errors. Hence his article deals with the errors that have crept into the Bible text, rather than the general reliability of the text. He cites the most outstanding errors and, by stat- ing that some students claim the King James Version has 50,00 3 errors, he leaves the impression that 50, such serious errors occur in the Bible, which, of course, is not true. Most of these so-called errors have been corrected by modern translators.

But if he had. But what about the other points the article raises, such as. He thai is without sin among you. Did St. John himself write the reference to the Holy Trinity attributed to him?

Hart zell Spence. The passage. He that is without sin among you, let htm first east a stone at her" is not found m several of the older manuscripts of the Bible The New World Translation of the Bible sets aside the first eleven verses from the rest of the text of John chapter eight.

It is given as a foot note, which shows that the Sinaitic manu- script, the Vatican MS. Keep in mind that the Sinaitic and the Vatican No.

These verses are found in the Codex Bczae of the sixth century, the Latin Vulgate of the fourth and fifth cen- turies and the Jerusalem Syriac version of the sixth century. But since the oldest Greek manuscripts do not contain these verses their origin is doubtful. John What about the next point, "Did Jesus really say. The Neve World Translation sets apart those lasi verses from ihe general text.

Ii shows that certain jnuciil maiui scripts and versions of ihe Scriptures add a long conclusion; hut that the Sinaitic. The author leaves the impression that i he gcxxl news or gospel is not in be preached because this text containing such admonition is noi authentic. Mail hew New World Trans. John himself write Ihe reference to the Holy 1 1 inns attributed io him? In comment ing on this text a Greek Scripture transla tor. It is therefore evidently spurious ," The truthfulness of ihis statement is borne out by the fact that the modern translations except Roman Catholic translations from the Lai in ver- sions!

An extremely significant point is that most modern translations have already eliminated the errors to which this writer refers in his article Notice lhat the twenty to fifty thousand errors are accredited to the "two editions of the New IcMamcnt commonly read by Protectants and Oath olics. So they were both more than 3 H years old. When these translations were made the koine Greek in which the Bible was writ- ten was not so well understood as n is to day. So those translators made errors in translation that have been corrected by modern scholars.

Archaeologists also have contributed to Bible research by finding many ancient manuscripts of the Scrip tores. Bible errors have been eliminated to the point where the remaining minor dis- crepancies are negligible Sir h redone J.


50,000 Errors In The Bible? | What’s This All About? By Korede Olawoyin

What was the sign of Jonah? The book of Matthew "Early tradition ascribed this gospel to the apostle Matthew, but scholars nowadays almost all reject this view. We still conveniently refer to the author as "Matthew". Phillips, A prebendary of the Chichester Cathedral, England. Obviously because nobody goes to church and nobody believes in God. It was just like something out of a science fiction novel. The laws which define what constitutes criminal behavior and the various penalties for such behavior, are no longer derived from the Bible.


50000 Errors in Bible by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.






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