Идеальное расположение, очень удобные подробные инструкции по заселению, уютные стильные апартаменты. Наташа Местоположение рядом с старым городом, система получения ключей не требует присутствия хозяев, современный ремонт. Aliaksandr Самостоятельное заселение. Прекрасное состояние апартаментов. Центр города. Дмитрий Квартира современная, чистая и стильная.

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Nagal The third book is to appear in shops in autumn. Online shopping is becoming particularly popular, because of the sense of confidentiality it gives. Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine urges his counterparts to rush to Crimea. But that does not mean that women are not interested in erotic merchandise.

Lithuanian fire fighters have yet to receive any call-outs about sex games gone wrong. These days, housewives are usually women who are out of paid job only temporarily, for example, on maternity leave. Report mistake Marked text. People are writing emails very actively, with questions, asking for advice. Successfully sent Thank you. They simply send their men to take care of it. The recently published second book, Fifty Shades Darkerhas already been bought 10 thousand times.

Nine male Londoners have had their penises stuck in rings, Express. Atsalviu Fire Brigade reports that, since the Fifty Shades trilogy hit bookshops, it has received significantly more call-outs by people who need help getting out of handcuffs. We had ordered a themed toy collection inspired by this book — everything was sold in a flash. The Fifty Shades trilogy is mainly targeted at women, but, according to the director of Alma Litterait is quite popular with men, too.

By no means are they lonely people, but mostly couples. It has been called, sometimes derogatorily, literature for housewives.

Whereas those who come to us after reading the book know exactly what they need. Psychotherapist and sexologist Andrius Kaluginas believes that erotic novels have a positive effect on readers. Though adult toys usually come in glaringly bright shades, Lithuanian customers seem to favour ashen colours. Legitimization of secret desires Psychotherapist and sexologist Andrius Kaluginas believes that erotic novels have a positive effect on readers.

More stuff The third book is to appear in shops in autumn, October or November. Aktualijos Verslas Sportas Gazas Mokslas.

She notes that E. And now he realizes that these fantasies are nothing wrong. According to Kaluginas, novels like the Fifty Shades trilogy brings social benefit: Anal beads have become a very popular hens party present: They are sweeping the beads off our shelves.

Clients spend, on average, to litas euros in his shop, he claims. After the discussion, it might turn out that both partners actually share some secret fantasies. They also make jokes about how she will get married and will be able to use them instead of spice. Most of our clients, however, are married couples, both young and old.

These women are educated, have career ambitions, and their aatspalviu habits are not necessarily limited to popular literature. Related Articles


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