Uses Adobe Acrobat Reader 7. Add washer fluid One of the easiest fluids to top off — learn how to open the hood and where the reservoir is on your car Acura TSX 2. Buy now for the best electrical information available Why buy a factory manual? Written for dealership mechanics, this wiring diagram shows you how to follow the wiring from bumper-to-bumper. Guaranteed 3 day delivery.

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Reinstall the drain plug with a new sealing washer B. Disconnect the battery negative terminal, then disconnect the battery positive terminal.

Remove the transmission range switch connector A from its bracket B , then disconnect it. Wednesday, March 12, PM Page Remove the AF sensor connector C from its bracket D , then disconnect it.

Disconnect the mainshaft speed sensor connector E and countershaft speed sensor connector F , and remove the harness clamps G from the clamp brackets H. Check for any signs of leakage at the hose joints. Remove the ground cable A , transmission upper mount bracket plate B , and transmission upper mount bracket C. To attach the special tool adapter VSB02C , remove the clamp bracket.

Attach the special tool adapter VSB02C to the threaded hole in the cylinder head. Tighten the wing nut C by hand, and lift and support the engine. Remove the front mount stop D and clamp bracket E , and remove the front mount bolt F. Insert a 6 mm Allen wrench A in the top of the ball joint pin B , and remove the nuts C , then separate the stabilizer link D from the lower arms E. Remove the steering gearbox heat shield A , and remove the bolt B securing the power steering fluid line bracket.

Wednesday, March 12, PM Remove the power steering fluid line from its clamps on the front subframe. Remove the engine stiffener A , and remove the drive plate bolts B while rotating the crankshaft pulley.

Remove the three bolts securing the shift cable holder A , then remove the shift cable cover B. Remove the spring clip C and control pin D , then separate the shift cable E from the control lever F.

Do not bend the shift cable excessively. Remove the power steering fluid line bracket A from the front subframe. Remove the steering gear box mounting bolts and stiffener.


Acura TSX PDF Workshop and Repair manuals

Check for continuity between VTC oil control solenoid valve terminal No. Reconnect all connectors. YES: Go to step 9. YES: Go to step Turn the ignition switch OFF.


2004 Acura TSX - Owner's Manual (364 pages)


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