Daniel A. Schulke succeeded him as Magister of Cultus Sabbati. Personality In an obituary his close friend Michael Howard , a well-known occult writer and publisher of The Cauldron, described Chumbley as "a man of the land, rural in both birth and character. He fitted totally within the traditional archetypal parameters of the English and specifically Essex cunning man. However, if he met kindred spirits of sincerity and honour, who shared his interests and serious intent, he would willingly go out of his way to offer them help and guidance on the Path In fact he was a natural teacher and, like all good occult teachers, acted as a catalyst in the lives of his students.

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Should information there be considered authoritative? I have always been creeped out by the inclusion of cause of death, considering it an infringement of his privacy since it has nothing to do with his notability. Must we include this added bit? Is it important? Lulubyrd talk , 25 August UTC Vodou link[ edit ] The link does not go to an article; it goes to a disambiguation page.

Ambiguous links should be directed to the correct article, which I thought I had done by correcting it to Petwo also spelled Petro , which defines one of two contrasting and often-paired Haitian Vodou sects Rada and Petro.

But you seemed to think that that was wrong. So I tried to prod you into supplying a useful link instead of mindlessly reverting to an unhelpful ambiguous link. Where would you like it to go? Haitian vodou Loa? Or have you reconsidered Petwo , which would be more accurate, especially if the article were expanded?

In any case the link should be changed to direct to a relevant article, or removed. What is mindless about being directed to a disambiguation page? You need a lesson in manners as well as what influenced Chumbley. It is apparent that you know little about Chumbley or his influences, but instead are making changes based upon your need to be an expert on Vodou.

Or perhaps you should talk to Frizvold. The quote refers to "Petro Voodoo", but neither the quote nor the Chumbley article in general offers enough context to tell people what that is, and, should a reader follow the link, the dab page offers no guidance either. And then, by removing the link, trying to remove the false promise that the link would offer something useful. Perhaps you could help me understand by explaining what your reason is for insisting on a link to a dab page.

How does that help a reader understand Chumbley or his beliefs and influences? He developed his own form of contemporary witchcraft which became known as Sabbatic Witchcraft and in founded a closed circle of initiates, the Cultus Sabbati, of which he acted as Magister. That reference is there for a reason. Please read old material in archived discussion for the reason the reference is there. What makes the term "English people" appropriate?

Where are your references for "occultist, and ceremonial magician"? Where are you getting your reference for the use of the term witchcraft as in "contemporary witchcraft" and "Sabbatic witchcraft"? Please give a solid reference where Chumbley referred to what he did as witchcraft in combination with Sabbatic. The Cultus Sabbati info is already in the article.

Regarding how he "helped to propagate his tradition", please note your specific reference that he propagated his tradition so I may look it up. This sounds a bit like an interpretation. The rest of your edit is already in the article. New material that is thoroughly documented would be great here, but what you placed in the article looks like hearsay and much is already there.

If you want to rewrite any parts of the article, please adhere to encyclopedic style and rigour. There is no direct evidence that he was, and hearsay evidence indicates that he was not; the ref.

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Talk:Andrew D. Chumbley

Show more notes Reblog Although there exists a certain number of people who can give first-hand account about the nature of the Traditional Craft, such adherents are, in truth, few and secretive. During recent times there has been an evident surfacing of the Old Craft into the public domain of published literature, books and articles. This public activity is an echo of an inner resurgence of knowledge. The wellspring of the Elder Faith is letting forth its vital lifeblood, effusing the underground streams of magical practise, granting its power to the veins that thread throughout the land, nourishing and nurturing the verdant earth of Albion anew. To this troth we must be true! The public manifestation of the Elder Faith has not appeared in a uniform manner, but has exhibited a stimulating variey of forms.


Andrew Chumbley

Career[ edit ] Chumbley published several limited edition books through his private press Xoanon Publishing, and had many articles printed in occult magazines. Daniel A. Schulke succeeded him as Magister of Cultus Sabbati. Personality[ edit ] In an obituary his close friend Michael Howard , a well-known occult writer and publisher of The Cauldron, described Chumbley as "a man of the land, rural in both birth and character.


Andrew D. Chumbley



Andrew D Chumbley


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