His only friend in this world! It seems to me it would be time to become a girl in front of the world and that the Masquerade has an end. I do not want to be a woman - as one as you are. Proud and coquett, and cold! It seems to me it is even high time!

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His only friend in this world! It seems to me it would be time to become a girl in front of the world and that the Masquerade has an end. I do not want to be a woman - as one as you are. Proud and coquett, and cold! It seems to me it is even high time! He is not a whole man. I just can not be afraid of him. Who that is not, has lost me! I can not help that I am like that. A man quickly gets me pretty fast and again he is nothing for me anymore!

In there done in the head, and quickly, I do not know how! It starts to ask, and to the questions I do not find the answer, by day and not by night. Without my will, then my heart turns and turns away from him. I can not help it but the right one - if there is one for me in this world - he will suddenly stand there before me and will look at me and me him and no doubt will be and no questions and blessed shall I be and obey him as a child.

I just want you to be happy - with one of the deserved! Even more intimate, more for herself, and at the same time with Arabella So the prophetess saw it: she in the light and I down into the darkness. She is so beautiful and sweet, - I will go and still in the walk I will bless you, my sister.

I know the clamps. That is settled between them. Are you happy? He can not be the right one! No, no, that must not be! Maybe too much a man. A wild, angry man - can be, I have to take him! She is thoughtful My God, then the Matteo will kill himself - visionary I knock on his door, he does not answer. I throw myself over him - I kiss for the first time his icy lips!

It will come to me already a sign! This evening the carnival is over. I have to decide this evening. Zdenkerl, what are you looking so sad?

I know that, parents are trembling to get rid of me. And I, I can not if not everything bothers me and pushes and throws to the one! Do you see - there was a stranger this morning - she goes against the window as I walked out of the house, over there he was, on the corner, big, in a traveling fur, and behind him a body-hussar - a stranger stops from Hungary or from Wallachia He looked at me with big serious eyes, then he said something to his servant.

I would have sworn he would send me flowers. Flowers of that would be more to me than anything today! I would take that in my room and when I get home on the night of the ball would I find them again, and I did not let them fool me until he came himself! Just leave me these are fantasies do not look at me so scared! Take them to you, very close to you, take no other than them!

I feel: your and my destiny depends on it! Here comes the Elemer. I let my Russians tension because today I may lead you in my sled, and then on the Fiakerball in the evening I am your master!

I mean: I, your first servant because you are always the queen! You are the right one for me! And me? In what war did you capture me if I may ask?

She looks at him firmly Yes, - you demand - and you want - and you love too - maybe! The word dare you to say - me after these weeks -? And I do not want to wear a fetter!

With a sweet smile Who knows - maybe very soon, maybe this night! ELEMER The other will come in the hour which I beg from heaven, Bella - where you throw off those cowardly hesitant doubts and wanting to be what you are, the most glorious creature created bliss to bring about me, alone in this world!

Do you hear my horses? How they stomp and shake their bells? How they ring: You want yes! Come over! Thinking is death! Are you shaking with impatience? I want. This is Carnival Tuesday and today at midnight everything is over. Down the main avenue - that my breath passes.


Strauss - Arabella Libretto

Act 1[ edit ] In a hotel in Vienna As the curtain opens, Countess Adelaide is having her fortune told. The fortune teller predicts Arabella will marry a man from far away, but that trouble may be in store. The Waldners have a second daughter, Zdenka, but since they cannot afford two daughters marrying, they have indulged her tomboyishness by pretending she is a boy, whom they present as "Zdenko. Zdenka reproaches Arabella for her unsympathetic treatment of Matteo, but Arabella says that she is hoping for the "Right Man," to whom she can give her heart completely. Meanwhile, Arabella is wooed by three suitors, Elemer, Dominik and Lamoral, and acknowledges that she may have to accept one of them, but has fallen in love at first sight with a stranger she passed in the street. Count Waldner, in dire straits, has written to all his friends for financial help, to no avail.

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