Hung up on DIY hi-fi? Then welcome to Using the Behringer DEQ in a hi-fi system including the correct connections to your hi-fi. Decibel Dungeon Introduction The Behringer DEQ has been around for a few years now and although primarily aimed at the PA market, it has found its way in to quite a few hi-fi systems. Whether it has a place in a high-end system is a matter of opinion, and a search around various hi-fi forums may leave the reader a little confused with the arguments for and against the DE So I will state my position with regard to it and you can take it for what it is worth.

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There are no RCA inputs. Furthermore, these RCA jacks are made for music professionals using electric guitars, amps, mixers, etc. I had to buy some converter plugs at Radio Shack to get them to match up.

I had to buy a 3 ft cable with home audio RCA plugs on one end and XLR jacks on the other at a professional music store. That brings me to the third problem: there is one big knob and two little knobs that control everything. Each knob can be pushed or turned or both. So to do anything you have to use some combination of pushing in this knob or that and turning those same knobs or turning the main knob.

Quite annoying user interface! Much like point-and-shoot digital cameras with buttons that bring up menus, and then you use other buttons to navigate through the menus. I finally decided to use the factory default settings at first just to get a feel for how my music sounds.

The first thing I noticed is that the volume is about 2x-3x as loud as without the Behringer unit in the circuit. Clearly the Behringer is significantly increasing the sound volume. I listened to a CD most of the way through with the Behringer in the circuit, then took the Behringer completely out of the signal path, adjusted the volume accordingly, and played the same CD again.

Based on my very limited experience so far, my system seems to sound better without the Behringer in the signal path. I bought this to flatten out an upper midrange peak in my speakers since the ribbon tweeters were rebuilt by the manufacturer.

I am finding it extremely challenging to work at a full-time "techie" job all day, come home read and re-read the awful manual for this "box", and also maintain a relationship.

The Behringer might be good for some people if you have the patience and desire to learn how everything works. Mine is going back tomorrow. Maybe they can have some humans re-work the user interface.


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