The Introduction to Canon PowerShot A Manual A manual book considered as the important part of an electronic product, especially for the digital camera. With this manual, the company will teach its customers how to use and treat its camera product properly. Not only for the users, but this manual is also able to be used as reliable reference for enthusiast. So, based on this reasons above, we can say that a manual is the important complement for a digital camera product.

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Page 3: Installing The Batteries Installing the batteries. Slide the battery cover lock in the direction of the arrow and open the cover. Close the battery cover. Inserting the Memory Card. These cards are collectively called memory cards in this guide. It can be opened to the following range of positions. Opened right to left degrees. Press the power button a. Use the button to change its value b.

Confirm that the correct time is displayed and press the FUNC. The date and time can also be set in the Set up menu p. The start-up sound will play and the start-up image will display in the LCD monitor. You can continue to display images regardless of the review duration setting with the following procedures. Page 9 Special Scene By simply selecting one of the following shooting modes, you can shoot with the most appropriate settings for the scene.

Night Snapshot Allows you to take snapshots of people against twilight or night backgrounds by reducing the effects of camera shake even without using a tripod. Page Using The Zoom Shoots a movie when you press the shutter button. You can select from four modes: [Standard], [Fast Frame Rate] suitable for Image sports or fast motion, [Compact] convenient for email attachments and [My zone Colors] which allows you to change color effects.

See the Advanced Guide p. Press the button to cycle through flash settings. Flash settings cannot be used in some shooting modes. Press the To cancel the macro mode, press the button again. Use this mode to shoot close-ups of flowers or small items. Macro Minimum shooting distance: 1 cm 0. Use the image you wish to view. Use the button to move to the previous image and the button to move the next image.

Holding the button down advances the images more rapidly, but shows them less clearly. Menu This menu sets many of the common shooting functions. Page 15 Rec. Menu Play Menu You can switch between menus with button when this part is selected.

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Canon PowerShot A620

Page 3 1, Installing the batteries. Slide the battery cover lock in the direction of the arrow and open the cover. Close the battery cover. Page 4 m To Remove Memory Card Use a finger to push the memory card in until you hear a click, then release it.


Canon PowerShot A620 Manual for Canon’s 7MP Compact Camera with DIGIC II Processor


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