The book was not originally conceived purely as a collection of talks on Buddhism, but as textual and pictorial representation of Chithurst Buddhist Monastery. Hence, some narrative pieces are included. He had not seen them since leaving America in , weary of the West and drawn by an interest in Chinese studies and Eastern religion to volunteer for service with the Peace Corps in Sabah, Borneo. World-weariness and an interest in Eastern religion have a way of breeding good bhikkhus, and it was not long before he became Sumedho bikkhu [See Note 1] living under the guidance of a meditation teacher, Venerable Ajahn Chah, in a forest monastery in Ubon Province, Thailand. Time flowed by with its own teaching: one who endured the hardships and trials of the dhutanga monasteries [See Note 2] naturally acquired inner strength and patience, even without the sometimes aggravating, sometimes playful, and frequently awe-inspiring teaching methods of a master such as Ajahn Chah.

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Sometime in the spring of , we will be launching a new audio talks digital archive that will be fully interactive and searchable by speaker, year, retreat, keywords, tags and more. In the meantime we hope you find the small selection of audio teachings in the Featured Talks page useful.

We will try and upload a few more talks given during the Winter retreat. Meet at the workshop 1. It is our policy to keep lost property in store for a maximum of one month, after which we are likely to recycle accumulated items.

The work will help to support a woodland which brings benefit to so many people and wild creatures. Some activities can be physical, but most can be carried out by those of average fitness. The event will be led by Alison Pitts, a retired ranger for the South Downs National Park and member of the Chithurst Forest Committee for many years, leading numerous events in the monastery woodland during this time. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this event is now Cancelled. There are many ways in which contributions and support can be made to this wildlife conservation project and place of quiet contemplation and reflection.

A summer forest work week. Information about these events will be announced nearer the time on the monastery announcements page. For further information about volunteering or supporting the monastery woodland, please feel welcome to contact our Forest Manager Chris Matthews at: forest AT cittaviveka. All public events and gatherings, including Songkran and Wesak, are cancelled until at least the start of June, and perhaps longer. For the wellbeing of everyone, please do not come to the monastery.

Stay at home.


The Nuns at Rocana & Aloka

Ajahn Mun Ajahn Chah Ajahn Sumedho Ajahn Chah spent his early years wandering and practising meditation in solitude, but in the s, at the request of local villagers, he settled down in a forest in Ubon province. Gradually other monks came to study under him and rudimentary huts were built. His was a style that was as down-to-earth as it was subtle, as humorous as it was profound, and both readily applicable and far-reaching. Nowadays, this number exceeds Several of these would eventually help to transmit his tradition overseas. There he and a small group of fellow-monks lived the samana life, meditating, wearing the traditional robes, and going on alms-round through North London.


Cittaviveka: Teachings from the Silent Mind



Ajahn Sumedho


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