Yozshugar Once, operating systems security was at the heart of this subject. Encryption was seen to provide the most comprehensive protection for data stored in computer memory and on backup media. Both ultimately led to convictions in court. Copy protection had been explored in the s but in the end deemed unsuitable for mass market software; see [, p. I had read 1st edition back in the late s-early s when I was editon my BS in a computer technology degree field. Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Product Description A completely up-to-date resource on computer security Assuming no previous experience in the field of computer security, this must-have book walks you through the many essential aspects of this vast topic, from the newest advances in software and technology to the most recent information on Web applications security.

Serving as a helpful introduction, this self-study guide is a wonderful starting point for examining the variety of competing security systems and what makes them different from one another. Unravels the complex topic of computer security and breaks it down in such a way as to serve as an ideal introduction for beginners in the field of computer security Examines the foundations of computer security and its basic principles Addresses username and password, password protection, single sign-on, and more Discusses operating system integrity, hardware security features, and memory Covers Unix security, Windows security, database security, network security, web security, and software security Packed with in-depth coverage, this resource spares no details when it comes to the critical topic of computer security.

However, such an abstract discussion is not appropriate for undergraduate level textbook. Especially, if this is the first time the student is exposed to security thinking. For someone working in the field, the approach means a lot.

It provides the often missed theoretical and general outlook. A good overview, but extremely complex By Elanor Oranges on Apr 23, This book provides a good overview of the history and implications of computer security. It begins by making everything easy to understand, but quickly falls into a mathematical jumble that had me, and others in my class, confused during the later chapters.

My biggest gripe with the book is that it provides very complex mathematical "proofs" of security with no external explanation to those of us who do not understand these complex math concepts. Overall, a useful primer, but very confusing in the later chapters.

More explanation in English and less formulas would have been appreciated. Good material but poor execution By D. Engel on Jul 25, I bought this book for a Masters level class.

I just feel that it is so incredibly dry. Examples of concepts are very few and far between. For example, the ideas of Complexity versus Assurance. The use of footnotes would suffice in my opinion. Great Book By Basil on Sep 07, The book has great and verity of security knowledge, it explain each concepts in few and simple steps.

I really recommend this book for anyone want to enrich his knowledge in security. Written in a hurry - one of the worst books on security By Buyer on Apr 05, Agreed, Dieter Gollmann is very reputed and knowledgeable. But this book is written in a hurry. Probably, he started writing the book three weeks before the deadline. There is no flow of material. Random "summary" sections.

There are two ways to describe anything in security. Someone can be very technical or very descriptive. For example, if some one wants to explain a cryptology technique, they can be totally mathematical or they can be totally discriptive or if you have time and space and scope of the book do both.

In this book he does a half baked job of both. Even very interesting and engaging topics like public key cryptography are explained horribly. The initial price of this book in three digit amount is just total waste of money. Even at the current two digit price it is a waste of money. The book coverage is so random and without a flow, the learner is better off perusing wikipedia. I liked the book By Polata on Nov 13, I have bought it for lecture and book is good. It is very useful for security related courses.

It covers unix and windows security also. Great book for By O. El on Apr 03, Arrived timely. It is has a lot of information in It is has a lot of information in security , and however wants to enter in the field of Security should get this book it will give you a greater understanding about it. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. This books publish date is Feb 28, It was published by Wiley and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here.

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