No user serviceable parts inside; refer servicing to qualified personnel. This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage inside the enclosure—voltage that may be sufficient to It is one of my most pleasant tasks to write this letter to you, Page 6: Table Of Contents 1. Page 7 5.

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Page 2: Recording Recording Benefits of the DDX 16 high-grade bit converters and bit internal processing for highest dynamic resolution. Thus, maximum audio quality is retained. Page 3: Mixdown Mix scenes can be easily compared using the snapshot feature. No need for external computers due to the integrated dynamic automation. The DDX can be used as a stand-alone unit in combination with multi- track recorders.

EQ, effects and dynamics libraries facilitate frequently recurring mix scenarios. If you connect the DDX via MIDI to your computer, please be sure that the software does not respond to the controller data triggered by fader movements Page 5: Live Sound The built-in meter bridge gives you full control over all input signal levels. Inserts on the first 12 channels allow you to integrate outboard analog gear. Rack-mountable kit included.

Program change data allows you to run snapshots in sync with the main console. Up to 24 outputs for complete control of the most complex PA systems. Grouping allows you to make up for run-time differences between various speaker systems.

Page 9: Functions Primary functions at a glance Faders The fader settings correspond to the layer currently selected with the fader keys. Depending on which key you select, the channel controllers will perform the associated function.

It is also possible to route one input to two channels to allow various processing or mix parameters of the same signal. Configuration of installed options is handled on the Output page. ADAT multi-channel optical digital format.


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The mixer can handle up to 32 channels, it has 16 internal busses and eight aux sends as well as dynamics and gates plus four-band parametric EQ on every channel but not the busses. It also includes four onboard effects processors based on the Behringer Virtualizer algorithms. Sample rates of In this respect, the output arrangement is very like that of the smaller Yamaha mixers and recorders. The digital out always follows the main stereo mix and may be 16, 20 or bit with or without noise-shaped dither. Phantom power is switchable in two banks covering channels one to eight and nine to A small gain trim pot completes the input stage, after which the signal is digitised and routed to the floating-point DSP mixing engine.


Music Mixer Behringer ddx3216 user's manuals in pdf



Behringer DDX3216 Operating Manual



Behringer DANALOG DDX3216 Manual


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