This is not an amateur Power-Point recording but an advanced learning experience incorporating the latest in multimedia and accelerated learning techniques. A true multimedia learning experience Video instruction by Robert Miner Bar by bar? No note taking necessary. Quizzes for each section to test your comprehension of the material Incorporates the latest in accelerated learning technologie Six CDs.

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His most recent book, High Probability Trading Strategies, has been one of the consistently top selling trading books since its release in It has become a must read classic trading book of practical trade strategies. Robert has expanded on and integrated the work of W. Gann, R. DT Reports Robert has written a market advisory service for the major financial markets since His DT Reports provide comprehensive and practical analysis and trade strategies for the major financial markets.

Miner developed the DT software to incorporate his unique techniques and trade strategies to identify high probability trades. All DT software owners have access to the DT Getting Started Video series to quickly get up to speed with all the unique features, routines and reports in the DT Software plus a comprehensive series of Video Trade Tutorials for a practical trade education. It is more than 30 hours of instruction with quizzes, support material and bar-by-bar examples for a comprehensive learning experience.

The DT Software is not needed to learn from this comprehensive and practical trading course. Go to the DT Education tab for a complete description of the course and other educational offerings. We update new content every week or so. Join the Dynamic Trader Community We hope you join our community of traders from over 20 countries who for over 30 years have been learning unique trade strategies though our DT Reports, Software and Education.


Dynamic Trader Workshop

The information on his web site looks intriguing and his book, now several years old and not the easiest of reads, seems comprehensive. The entire program is relatively expensive and, from earlier comments on this thread, apparently requires a significant commitment of time and effort. Is it worth it? Any thoughts?


Dynamic Trader - Robert Miner


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