Introduction It has been often said that it is only by gaining a true understanding of the Earths past that we can ever hope to find the vital key to understanding its future and in turn, our own. Such notions have always caused mankind to ponder himself, our planet, the stars, the universe, and beyond, but much of this thought invariably returns to thoughts of the past and the nature of God. Mankind has always wondered such things and ever since the dawn of our recorded history there have been countless stories and legends to tempt the matter further: Myths from the depths of time that hint of other, far more Ancient civilizations, like ours in the 21st century or even better, that once dwelt in mysterious lands, some of which have long since disappeared beneath the oceans. In many of these ancient stories we read tantalizing and bizarre accounts of strange and unknown technologies, tales of ancient gods, flying craft and ancient foes waging great wars against each other, wars that were fought with fantastic and devastating weapons.

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Very interesting Feb 19, Earl Navarro rated it really liked it once i open up chapter two, i cannot stop myself digging more for evidences. Its taken me a while to make this review, because its been a long time since a book got my brain going quite like this.

Despite the dramatic sounding title, there are, spoiler alert, no forbidden secrets revealed therein. What it does present however, is a huge amount of really interesting information, most of which revolves around the theme of civilisations on earth from much longer ago in the human timeline than we currently think.

Igan presents three lines of evidence for this: Out of Place Artefacts, ancient texts that seem to describe things only known to the modern world, and lastly a creation account that predates the bible by thousands of years. Like an iron pot being found inside a chunk of million year old coal. Or landscapes being accurately described from the air centuries before the age of human flight as just a couple of examples.

The section on the creation story as told by the Sumerians caught my attention in a big way too, not because I believe every part of it, but for another reason. I used to be religious and as I was leaving the religion of my childhood I went into a deep dive on the worlds religions and came away with the conclusion that most parts of most religions are copies of copies of copies of previous religious systems. This book helped solidify this theory in its sharing of the Sumerian creation tale.

Many of the Genesis account names, places, and ideas are present in the Sumerian tale which predates the bible by thousands of years. When you read the two in parallel, it sure looks to me like the Genesis version is a modified copy of the Sumerian version.

To clarify this being a copy of a copy thing is not what this part of the book is about, he just a lays out the story as translated from ancient tablets. The copy of a copy thing is just something I noticed that nicely paralleled other things I have read. Do I believe all of it? No, but like the author I says, read it, examine it, and come to your own conclusion. I was fascinated by many mysteries our planet hides since I was a child so when I found this book I was excited.

Author tried to gather mysterious facts from different time periods, from Piri Reis map to megalithic buildings. However when you read further and further this book author gets crazy with his theories and his interpretation of Enuma Elish and "proof" that we humans were created by some aliens via genetic modification is questionable at best.

Author I read this book with mixed feelings. Author also mentions discovery of new planet in our solar system and claims it is the Annunaki home. My favorite part so far. Page Because no matter what your evidence or theories are, nothing gets past peer review.

But you cannot receive peer review without first having New edited edition out! But you cannot receive peer review without first having credentials. So what do you do?


Earths Forbidden Secrets: Part 1 Searching for the Past




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