This analyzer is particularly suitable for meats, grains, feeds, dairy products and beer for the determination of protein N. In CN mode typical applications include plants tissue, soils, manure and compost samples as well as liquid extracts of these materials. Cost-effective and easy to handle due the reusable crucibles and automatic ash removal. In CNS mode typical applications include plants tissue, soils, compost and fertilizer samples as well as liquid extracts of these materials. Easy sample handling due to weigh-in in re-usable crucibles steel or ceramics without any special pre-treatment.

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Quick and easy exchangeable against liquids sample feeder. Set of consumables for liquids: Easy, compact, economical The unique instrument concept is characterised by easy handling and optimized for low maintenance costs — with high flexibility and analytical performance.

Revolutionary, newly designed analyzer for the determination of organically and inorganically bound carbon in liquids, slurries elementra solids. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. This allows the most cost effective solution for your analytical task. Inorganic carbonate carbon TIC can be measured automatically by acidifying the sample in a sparger and stripping and detecting the released CO2.

Free of spectral interferences even against SO 2 and an outstanding concentration range without sample dilution. Name Value Unit Voltage Minimum:. A newly developed matrix separation system patent pending serves for long lasting uninterrupted operation times even for mineral containing samples e. Further information on our consumables can be found here in our latest catalog. Name Value Unit pH measuring range Minimum:. Home Products vario TOC cube.

No modifications of the instrument hardware or detection range is necessary. Alternatively cost-efficient solution with manual sample change available. Comfortable sample change on permanently installed reactor. Real matrix separation The new reactor concept enables real matrix separation and offers maximum protection of the combustion tube. With possibility to upgrade at any time. They are certified and validated in accordance with international norms and standards. Flyer vario TOC cube.

Contact Search Imprint Live Support. Set of small wear parts: Set of small wear parts: Clearly arranged, easily accessible system components minimize maintenance efforts. Only a buyer can write a customer review. Already in the cart. Formed CO 2 is purified through a halogen trap with a subsequent 3-step intensive gas drying system.

Quality you can trust Our consumables and spare parts are designed to meet the highest quality standards and reliability. Supports validation Complete qualification documentation with Standard Operation Procedures SOPs and Certificates for IQ, OQ and PQ according to FDA regulations Easy, compact, economical The unique instrument concept is characterised by easy handling and optimized for low maintenance costs — with high flexibility and analytical performance.

Save data in cookie? For unattended overnight operation optional autosampler configurations with 60, 80 and positions are available. Open the catalog to page 1. An advanced matrix separation technology enables customers to run hundreds of samples without the necessity of maintenance work.

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vario TOC cube

Thus in the soli TOC cube, the temperature is measured where it matters, directly at the crucible. This eliminates all possible thermal interferences. Additionally, the use of a post-combustion catalyst ensures that even samples with a high carbon content are quantitatively oxidized and achieve equally high measurement quality. Key features Fully automated analysis with 89 position autosampler Temperature programming with fast heating rates Optional carrier gas switching for better separation of ROC and TIC Option to determine nitrogen simultaneously Advanced crucible technology with automatic ash removal Conforms to new DIN as well as old DIN standards for TOC determination in solids acquray series With the new acquray series Elementar opens an entirely new way for easy Total Organic Carbon TOC analysis and more. The technology is based on a chemical oxidation process supported by highly energetic UV radiation. This combination ensures complete digestion of all organic compounds. The instrument comes with predefined methods, completely calibrates itself automatically and auto-alerts the user any time maintenance is needed.

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