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The is fully configurable on-site. The is also available in versions with a simple 8 segment setpoint profile or more powerful versions that will run one 16 segment program or store 4 programs of 16 segments. A one-shot tuner is provided to set up the initial PID values and to calculate the overshoot inhibition parameters. In addition an adaptive tuner will handle processes with continually changing characteristics.

On electrically heated loads, power feedback is used to stabilise the output power and hence the controlled temperature against supply voltage fluctuations.

Dedicated cooling algorithms ensure optimum control of fan, water and oil cooled systems. Universal input A universal input circuit with an advanced analogue to digital convertor samples the input at 9Hz and continuously corrects it for drift.

This gives high stability and rapid response to process changes. Sensor diagnostics are also provided. The input will accept standard thermocouples, the Pt resistance thermometer and linear millivolts, milliamps or DC volts.

Input filtering from OFF to Customised operation A custom LED display provides a bright, clear display of the process value and setpoint. Tactile push buttons ensure positive operation. Access to other parameters is simple and easy to understand and can be customised to present only those parameters that need to be viewed or adjusted.

All other parameters are locked away under password protection. Alarms Up to four process alarms can be combined onto a single output. They can be full scale high or low, deviation from setpoint, rate of change or load failure alarms. Alarm messages are flashed on the main display.


2400 Temperature Controller / Programmer

Eurotherm manual pdf The controller is a versatile, high stability temperature or process controller. The is a versatile, high stability, temperature or process controller, with self and. Automatic calculation of manual reset value when using PD control. Eurotherm Automation. A front panel automanual button is provided. In this eda en pediatria pdf manual the temperature controllerprogrammer is called the or the CG.


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Eurotherm 2416 Manuals


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