E-mail: ni. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Eventration of the diaphragm is an abnormal elevation of the dome of diaphragm. It is a condition in which all or part of the diaphragm is largely composed of fibrous tissue with only a few or no interspersed muscle fibers. It can be complete or partial. Complete eventration of the right diaphragm, as seen in this adult patient, is relatively rare.

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Vishura Articles Cases Courses Quiz. Plication of left hemidiaphragm with anterior gastropexy was done via an abdominal left subcostal incision. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The positive impact of diaphragm stimulation has also been evaluated in other degenerative neurological diseases, particularly the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Received Sep 5; Sventration Dec On examination, vitals were stable. This leads to a decompression of intrathoracic organs and a repositioning of abdominal organs without effect on the hemidiaphragm active contraction. Consent Written informed consent was obtained from the patient for publication of this case report and accompanying images. Secondary gastric volvulus, making up the remainder of cases, occurs in association with a paraesophageal hernia or other congenital or acquired diaphragmatic defects.

Unable to process the form. Grand aP. Dysfonctions et paralysies diaphragmatiques: In case of bilateral diseases, very few bilateral diaphragm plications have been reported. Previous Article Maladie veineuse thromboembolique et cancer G. Journal page Archives Contents list. Primary gastric volvulus, making up one third of cases, occurs when the stabilizing ligaments are too lax as a result of congenital or acquired causes. The surgical procedure may be proposed only when the diaphragm dysfunction is permanent and irreversible.

Case report For either central or peripheral diaphragm dysfunctions, evetnration successful surgical treatment lies on a strict preoperative selection of patients. Differentiating diaphragmatic paralysis and eventration.

Written informed consent was obtained from the patient for publication of this case dventration and accompanying images. It usually remains asymptomatic in early life and presents later with respiratory and occasionally gastrointestinal complications. Please review our privacy policy. J Korean Med Sci. NNS and MM made substantial contributions to conception and design, acquisition of data and drafting the manuscript. Management of diaphragmatic eventration varies greatly depending on whether the diagnosis is made in infants or adults.

Pediatric gastric volvulus — Experience with 7 cases. Acute volvulus of stomach. Eventration of diaphragm associated with gastric volvulus is an uncommon condition. Open in a separate window. Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Check for errors and try again. This article has been cited diaphragmatiqque other articles in PMC.

Diaphragmatic excursion on left side was decreased on percussion. Elevation of the affected portion of the diaphragm is usually seen as a smooth hump, while the remainder of the hemidiaphragm contour is normal. A diagnosis of total eventration of left hemidiaphragm with chronic intermittent gastric volvulus was made. Round pneumonia Round pneumonia.

From physiology to surgery. The classic triad of retching, severe and constant epigastric eventrstion, and difficulty in passing a nasogastric tube should suggest the presence of acute gastric volvulus. This abnormal rotation is known as gastric volvulus.

About Blog Go ad-free. We are reporting a case of a year-old male having left sided total diaphragmatic eventration associated with chronic intermittent organo-axial gastric volvulus. A copy evebtration the written consent is available for review by the Editor-in-Chief of this journal.

The diagnosis of diaphragmatic eventration associated with gastric volvulus is usually straight forward and can be established by history and, in most cases, by routine xiaphragmatique X-rays and either upper GI series or CT scan. Pathology Radiographic features Differential diagnosis References Images: Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

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Eventration diaphragmatique


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