I loved this book. It probably helps that I have ridden horses, shown horses, and own a horse. I know exactly what it means when the smell of a barn warms your heart. There is something about a teenage girl and a horse.

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Showing of 17 next show all A very enjoyable story especially if you love horses! Stephensjillc Nov 3, It helps to love horses to enjoy this book and I do. I enjoyed this novel quite a bit.

At times I really felt for Annemarie , as a mother but most times I must say I did not agree with her parenting style. Her daughter Ava is a spoiled brat and Annemarie does not properly handle situations like when she has temper tantrums and speaks so disrespectfully to her mother.

Then when she refuses to look after her horse or return to the competition to support her fellow riders and Annemarie drives her home, well, inexcusable. At other times I really have to laugh at her as things tend to happen to her in a clumsy, nerdy way.

I liket he way Sara Gruen writes. Smits Sep 21, A positive story dealing with very serious subjects: family relationships, teenage angst, rocky romance, tragedy. All seems to come together perhaps too neatly, but after reading several books with dark, depressing themes I was ready for something lighter and that offered hope at the end.

Thank you, MyssCyn, I really enjoyed reading this! I would like to trade it for a copy of Riding Lessons, which I have not read. It is a paperback in almost new condition. It has a Bookcrossing ID number written on the front flyleaf, but no other markings. FancyHorse Mar 1, Ann Marie is still one of the most annoying characters I nave ever encountered in a book, but she did manage to experience a bit more personal growth in this sequel.


Flying Changes : A Novel



Flying Changes


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