Shaktigore The s was the decade when Pope John XXIII opened up Catholic scholarship to outside influences and allowed priests to attend conferences and services of other healiing. This is my go-to book in this subject. Refresh franvis try again. Two years later, Fr. This achievement has not been adequately noted since the Galatian Bewitchment was never an official doctrine backed by encyclicals or catechism statements, etc. Do not question why someone comes to this website just because they disagree with you or the content of the article.

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Billy Lewis February 13, After coming back to church after leaving for a few years, I received a healing through a Rev. Ralph DiOrio service. Then, in school, we were to write a book report. Thank you Francis for obeying the Lord!! McNutt was a featured speaker.

He was a figure that seemed larger than life. When he extended his arms in prayer, one could see the person of Jesus. Compassion and mercy exuded from his every word. How could he not stop enjoying his game of tennis when someone needed or wanted to be healed???

I thought of Our poor Lord and how He was pursued. McNutt gave his life for the sake of the Gospel! May the Lord bless and comfort all his family and the faithful who hold him close in heart! Many times at conferences, after his marriage to Judith, I heard Francis say that he continued to be a priest in his heart and in the sight of God.

Being married to Judith added to his life: joy, a partner in ministry and two beautiful children. He was an encourager, a healer, a teacher, a gentle man and very humble in spirit. I remember standing in the prayer line of people going up for healing prayer at one of the conferences and I had the strong feeling that God wanted me to pray for Francis.

So I laid hands on him and prayed for him. He was such a humble and gentle man. The ministry will live on through his books, his family, CHM and in our memories. Francis is with Jesus then, now and forever. He is loved by Jesus and many of us. Walter Noppenberger February 9, Next to my parents, Francis was the most influential person in my life.

He was my friend. We would take a walk in the neighborhood or on the north end on Dunedin beach to observe and identify as many birds as we could. Then we would mark them off in our book as we found them. Once we drove to Miami to find 3 endangered species which we had not seen before. Did you know there are publications, so specific about where to find a certain species they will tell you to go to a certain address, and look in a certain spot such as a specific bush or tree and there you should find it.

On that trip to Miami we found 2 of 3 of the species we were looking for. To this day my eyes are still trained to notice the birds. He is still influencing me. Francis would invite me accompany him to a church where he was invited to speak and pray. Finally he would begin to pray for healing. He would pray for every last person even if he was exhausted. Francis was more than just a friend, he was a disciple of Jesus and he taught me. He was kind and gentle, intelligent, wise and humble.

But most of all he loved the Lord, and he loved humanity. I was unfamiliar with healing ministry but kept that article by my bed for years--and it is still there today after 15 years.

Simply looking at the photos launched me into a deeper experience with the Holy Spirit. However, I can still remember the touch of the Holy Spirit looking at the photos and knowing in my soul--this man is an authentic source of the healing love of God. I thank God for his life--and for the wonder ministry he and Judith have maintained over so many years!

We would meet at JU where I coached at the time and we became friends, and per his suggestion, I also became a counselor at Christian Healing Ministries. Francis saved me from a life in a wheelchair on Palm Sunday, After many years of intractable spinal pain and eight failed surgeries, Francis laid hands on me and prayed to Jesus to heal me. Just two and a half hours of soaking prayer later, I could RUN. We were all healed. Thank you Jesus. Together, Francis and Judith were the epitome of love-always giving, always caring, always loving.

May we all be willing to love unconditionally and pray fervently for healing as we remember Francis. With much love and gratitude, to you Francis, my mentor and my friend.

I loved his teaching and remember he sang in the Spirit over the congregation and many healings occurred. I was there on a ministry team and It turned out that I was having a lower back pain and the team I was with invited Francis to pray with us, I remember he prayed for me and I felt such peace and healing and my leg seemed to grow out and I was healed!

He will be greatly missed and leaves an amazing God- glorifying legacy. What an amazing man of God! He was with a team of people who ministered for a week 9 to 9. That week changed our life and for 35 years now we have been walking with the Holy Spirit in signs and wonders. Our dear friends, Art and Dottie Thompson who was on the board, would take us with the Mc Nutts after their conferences to Warner Springs for a week of fun.

There Francis would play golf and bird watch, and Judith would ride horses with Rachel. We have great memories and are forever thankful for all Francis imparted to us Anita Cali January 30, Dr Francis MacNutt led many conferences with his wife Judith, and God used them both, yielded as they are, to heal, teach and bless so many.

I know the Lord Jesus used Dr. Francis to do a miracle in my life, and I will be forever grateful. I am forever grateful also for Christian Healing Ministries. What an amazing legacy of Gods love and power! The two of them have been pioneers in healing ministry. I am truly grateful for the impact they have had on me personally.

The words leapt off the page right into my broken heart. Forever grateful! Barbara Lassiter January 29, Judith, we love you and are praying for you and your family. Your story with Francess remains and continues to bless us and countless others. We thank God with every remembrance of you. May the Lord strengthen you today with His comfort and love. From the Lindsey family and our family to you.

Because of his witness, my concept of the Church was broadened. Many years later he participated in a conference at Regent University when I was there during a residency. His mere presence radiated the life and light of our Lord.

He was a shining star of the Charismatic Movement, full of the fruit of the Spirit and operating in the gifts in and out of season. May his rest be sweet, and may the Lord raise up many men and women to follow in his footsteps.

Rest in Peace, Brother Francis. He was a superlative speaker but always practiced what he preached. May God bless his family and the people he equipped. I had the opportunity to talk with him in the hallway one on one. I asked him a question that most Catholic Priests would have avoided or given me a lecture about the one true church.

He did not he completely agreed with me about my position that as the true body of Christ taking separate communion was not expressing the desires of Christ. He left the catholic church in the next 6 months and spoke about true unity in the Christian community.

His books on healing galvanized my ability to have a deep confidence that Jesus has released healing through His blood covenant. He was my first spiritual hero!. May His service filled with the love and permeating presence of Holy Spirit. Gloria Rhudy January 28, Many years ago I was taken to a conference by a friend. He was the speaker. I literally could have listened to him all day long.

The Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way. In my 20th year. I just want to thank him and God for my memory of this powerful man of God. Francis fundamentally changed my life in many ways. Through his wisdom and revelation I grew in my faith substantially. Francis and Judith came to Columbus Vineyard to do a conference.

Healing of the Ordinary Person. I bought all his books. I studied them well. Then I began delivering people from evil spirits.


Francis Scott MacNutt

Billy Lewis February 13, After coming back to church after leaving for a few years, I received a healing through a Rev. Ralph DiOrio service. Then, in school, we were to write a book report. Thank you Francis for obeying the Lord!!


Francis MacNutt


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