So happy for you. My email is: shclaudio12 at gmail dot com chapter 5. Was so excited when I saw the email come through from you. Then wad even more excited when I saw it was being put on my kindle lol. Though I do have a question, will it be available in the UK?

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Mar 31, Butthisbook rated it really liked it I received a copy of this ebook by the Author in exchange for an honest review. When starting this book, I was expecting to just like the story. But she embraces everything that is thrown her way with a sexy smile and a witty comeback. The way he is with Sahara will make you swoon. He accepts her for who she is, closet full of skeletons and all.

And that right there is a quality every book boyfriend should have!!!!!! I never paid Sahara for her services. Not because she was afraid of what you would think of her, but because she was afraid of what would happen to me and my career. While Sahara was with me, she was my girlfriend, not a street walker. What she did in her past has no effect on who she is today. Because no matter what the world thinks, it could never change the fact that I loved her so much more than anyone on the other side of the television could understand.

Candice wrote a story that will make your heart pound with every page that you flip, and to top it off she included some intense, sexy, loving characters. There were some parts where I wanted to yell at Sahara to open her eyes, make her realize what she had in front of her.

As well as yell at Gabriel for always being around that nasty Julia! Oh, I also wanted to yell at the author for what happened toward the end, because that ending was pretty shocking, I even had tears in my eyes.

But of course she makes up for it in the epilogue. Candice, you did a wonderful job with this story. Do I recommend this story? Heck yes, I do!!! Candice Xs ability to capture the reader from beginning to end is magnificent and X has paired this with great characters and an even better storyline. The book is about a young woman named Sahara.

Sahara also answers to the name Jewels and she is also a prostitute. Unaware of how she managed to land in his car and later his bed, this moment is the beginning of the rest of her life.

He introduces her to a world so different from hers and yet somehow she seamlessly fits in; more than she ever has before. They emphasise the themes of family and belonging without the reader having to side-track from the original storyline. So even though this book is full of heat, passion and explosive sex, its softer side still manages to capture you and keep you just as engrossed. Sahara and Gabriel find themselves facing many road blocks when it comes to their relationship and unfortunately something greater than the both of them, tears them apart.

As both continue to participate miserably through life, without one another, it seems that Sahara and Gabriel will never find their happy every after. Through a multitude of emotions; heartache, deceit, fear and grief, will these two find their way back to one another. Will they be in one piece or will they be too broken to be put back together?

Because in the end, if it is just you two, it will be okay. Nobody else is fucking important.


From Harvard to Whoredom: Passion. Pain. Hollywood.








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