Danris The machine was never seen again. Scope shots were taken dirrectly off the coil. The beauty of the window motor is the rotating flux fields push it in the direction of motion you want it to go. You can follow this work here: At this point the design should remain unchanged. Hence it is evident that you have to switch coke the N and the Wkndow.

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Yodal Something can still drain the input and have way over 1. Bedini hand-spins his 6 pole armature, at first, the cap is empty we can safely assume this. You can deliver the same amount of power to a coil, but with less current, and ideally like Tesla trying to eliminating current all together. The rotational kinetic energy would then be: Free energy window motor. We are interested primarily in the capacitor version as it demonstrates very clearly that conventional science needs to be revised to encompass both perpetual motion and the Zero-Point Energy field which provides the power for what we see as perpetual motion:.

The easier one is the 1st. That tells you something. Normal EM systems are designed to never be over unity and you only have meters and scopes that see only this, you can not see in the Quantum level with your instruments. He has documented all the facets of his motor. The motor does not run indefinitely. Hbedibi wiki on beta.

But yes, I remember that and am not sure what to make of it. Take the window motor wind it like the SG when you connect it like the SG you will have better performance, since there is no iron you can use neo magnetswhen you see Ron Coles drawings you will understand how to make three window coils.

Going back to the Tank Circuit idea, Eric Dollard is big on a Change in Capacitance from higher to lower being negative conductance. John Bedini Window Motor The rest you will find in the dump one day.

The motor is then given a gentle spin, from which it develops its own power and accelerates to its normal operating speed. He tried to replace the relay with a small battery and viola — the motor behaved just like Mikes with all the scope shots identical.

Everyone hbwdini welcome to come and watch the progress or show their own progress. Bedini-Cole Window Motor Electric motor runs without draining batteries!!! Perhaps the second cap hbeidni be pressured up and then dumped into the first cap. Scope shots were taken dirrectly off the coil. Hide your machine in your mind and wait for the right time. Instead of a battery, the motor uses a capacitor.

Last edited by Huckmubb; at We need to get away from the friction of using bearings. Since neither materials, not dimensions, are presented on the website, I am only wjndow a rough approximation for the latter based upon what I can estimate from the images. These are all very interesting experiments to try.

The switching, When the machine quit running the brushes failed, people would go to the auto parts store and buy brushes install them and the machine would not work. Message ofWed Nov 22, 2: I used two sizes of copper pipe.

The darn thing ran for three days with the voltage setting at 7. I only wish to spread the knowledge of this work which has been largely ignored by the general public. The Group wants a self runner with extra power outputso I posted everything Cole and I did to get everybody to understand how simple this can winsow done. Do you know if there would be any objection to that or alternatively, any way of contacting Mike to ask his permission? As it is, I can run the motor for about 1 minute on a capacitor before it drains down and dies at 2.

A kind of Gray Window Motor which runs on nearly pure potential and almost no current…. I am not going to prove anything by video. Mike HMM from the gn0sis forum has built a modified Bedini Cole window motor which he can run without batteries for hours and can charge up empty capacitors.

I really admire all of the research that is going on in this forum and think it is the best on the Web. Jetijs and Ren, I really admire the work you guys have done!

The rotational energy of the motor is calculated at. Related Articles.










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