Bar I reviewed a shitty little book on this kind of crap before that covered more ground and was way less bullshitty. Secret Societies, Yesterday and Today. Rolonda Polk rated it it was amazing Oct 17, The material is very interesting. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Top fr corner cut off. The author has traveled extensively to gather documentation. It covers the Assassins, the Knights Templar, and the Rosicrucians in quite some detail; the Sufi, the Mithraists, the Skoptsi, the Carbonari, the Garduna, ancient Mystery cults, arkoh Decided, the Yezidi, the Tibetan Buddhists, the Thuggee, the medieval witches, and the Vehm are given shorter investigations.

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Shelves: history-other A light and cursory reading that mixes scholarship with sensationalism. When considering a topic as broad as secret societies, it is seemingly impossible to adequately cover all of them. The selected societies in this text are an odd mixture of religious groups, criminal bands, and social phenomena.

Some readers may raise an eye brow that Sufis and Buddhists are included alongside the Illuminati and Rosicrucians. The study of each group also takes unusual paths. The author focuses a lot on A light and cursory reading that mixes scholarship with sensationalism. The author focuses a lot on ceremony and degrees of initiation rather than the historical account of the societies. A chapter entitled "The High Priesthood of Thebes" is entirely devoted to initiation rites.

This would be much more fascinating to the reader if they had some background as to this group. In a few places the author does better at balancing the orders of the societies with actual history.

His chapters on the Tongs and Charcoal Burners of Italy show these groups to be more focused on crime than socio-political-religious leanings. Overall, the chapters are too cursory, even with just examining just 24 societies.

There are no references or further readings. This can be maddening when wanting to know more about the Charcoal Burners and their Medieval Sicilian counterparts, the Avengers; or even more information about the Guardian Angel or Peacock Angel devotees.

This book does little more than spread a vague awareness of the topic.


A History of Secret Societies



A history of secret societies


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