Jan 31, Debasish Das rated it it was amazing The book is not an easy read despite its relatively compact size of aprox pages, and the concepts will remain etched as a life changing experience.. The book neither is a historical account of Egypts past civilization, nor is an astronomical treatise on the planets path through the precession cycle of the twelve zodiac stars, though the context of the book is enveloped between these two outlines : it is basically a spiritual uplifting The book is not an easy read despite its relatively compact size of aprox pages, and the concepts will remain etched as a life changing experience.. In the book, the author describes that in one of her previous births, she was a princess in Egypt and successfully she climbed all the seven spiritual steps to be initiated under the guidance of spiritual master High Priest Ptahhotep.. Initiation: We, the souls entrapped in our physical forms, are as ancient as time itself.

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A timeless classic inspiring generations of spiritual seekers globally. Description An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into the hidden mystical teachings of the priesthood in ancient Egypt.

No eBook available Amazon. Initiation — Elisabeth Haich — Google Books I knew I would never have a chance to meet him as he had died in a far-off country when I was still a little girl. Wat mij betreft is vooral hetgeen ze vertelt over Egypte boeiend. There is eelisabeth lot of explanation as to how the world works from a spiritual perspective.

Every individual must seek and follow her own path to her own answers. I remember … Oh God! Jan 31, Debasish Das rated it it was amazing.

We are just inert matter without the spirit. It reveals her insights into the subtle workings of karma, reincarnation, and spiritual development. It was described by her followers mentioned in the introductions to her book as visible in her gaze: There are enough clues in Initiation that help us know that this splendid man Elisabeth Haich speaks about is Swami Vivekananda Most of them go through life as if they would never be obliged to initiatioon and elisabeeth if their loved ones were not mortal beings.

Open Preview See a Problem? Initiation When one achieves the ability consciously to reach the depths of the self where those energies are awaiting their realization, one experiences cause simultaneously with the effect—the future—as a complete and perfect present!

This book gives you an opportunity to think why did you come in this world? The latter could see their future all the way to the end as a dream. Definitely one of my all time favorite reads. They refuse to realize that our being together here on earth is only a gift of short duration as it will some day have to end!

The Joys of Spring Snowy Adventures. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use elisabetn Privacy Policy. One of the first books I read about metaphysics that opened me powerfully into my work. Oct 14, Anand Krishna added it. Feb 10, Uliana Avtonomova rated it it was amazing. This is because everything that happens here on earth is initiatioj materialization of a complete, accomplished cause waiting on the spiritual plane for materialization. Many of the incidents described are very detailed and the words instantly draw mental images.

There is so much information in this book that it took a while to read through but by the time I finished it I wished I had made my self finish it much sooner. Elisabeth Haich — Wikipedia Sanjay thank you for your wonderful review — of my favourite book of all time!!!

After the end of World War II indue to the communist regime, they had to close their school and flee to Switzerlandwhere they founded a new yoga school. She was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Jun 25, Jillianfly rated it it was amazing. Related Posts


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