Lack of originality The presentation seems a bit basic You must have a feel for megalomanic tyrants of the past. We would start from the beginning. After that, you will be offered a little piece of land for cultivating in one of your cities. All these buildings come with the option of upgrading, and such upgrades do take time, which means you have to queue them up in the hut of the builder.

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Year published. City: Publisher, Page s. If there are multiple sources by the same author, then citations are listed in order by the date of publication. Only include the edition if it is not the first edition City published: Publisher, Page s. Maximum ride.

New York: Little, Brown. Charlie and the chocolate factory. New York: Knopf. If you need clarification, The University of Western Australia has additional information. Harvard Reference List Citations for Books with Two or More Authors When creating a citation that has more than one author, place the names in the order in which they appear on the source.

Last name, First initial. Example: Desikan, S. Software testing. Bangalore, India: Dorling Kindersley, p. Vermaat, M. Discovering computers. Boston: Cengage Learning, pp. Daniels, K. The ultimate student teaching guide. If you need clarification, La Trobe University has additional information. Chapter title. In: First initial. Last name, ed. Bressler, L.

My girl, Kylie. In: L. Matheson, ed. Boston: Jacobson Ltd. If you need clarification, Southern Cross University has additional information. When sources are published in the same year, place them in alphabetical order by the title. Example: Brown, D.

Digital fortress. New York: St. Brown, D. Deception point. New York: Atria Books. The Da Vinci code. New York: Doubleday. If you need clarification, Anglia Ruskin University has additional information. Harvard Reference List Citations for Print Journal Articles The standard structure of a print journal citation includes the following components: Last name, First initial.

Article title. Journal, Volume Issue , Page s. Examples: Ross, N. Philosophy Today, 59 2 , pp. Dismuke, C. Global Journal of Health Science, 7 5 , pp. Harvard Reference List Citations for Journal Articles Found on a Database or on a Website When citing journal articles found on a database or through a website, include all of the components found in a citation of a print journal, but also include the medium [online] , the website URL, and the date that the article was accessed.

Structure: Last name, First initial. Article Title. Journal, [online] Volume Issue , pages. Example: Raina, S. Establishing Correlation Between Genetics and Nonresponse. Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, [online] Volume 61 2 , p.

Newspaper, Page s. Example: Weisman, J. The New York Times, p. Harvard Reference List Citations for Newspaper Articles Found on a Database or a Website To cite a newspaper found either on a database or a website, use the following structure: Last name, First initial. Newspaper, [online] pages. Available at: url [Accessed Day Mo. Example: Harris, E. New York Times, [online] p. Magazine, Volume , Page s.

Example: Davidson, J. Speak her language. Page title. When no author is listed, use the following structure: Website name, Year published. Example: Messer, L. Include the url at the end of the citation with the date it was accessed in brackets. Use the following structure: Last name, First initial. Zusack, M.

The Book Thief. Robin, J. A handbook for professional learning: research, resources, and strategies for implementation. Harvard Reference List Citations for Archive Material Archival materials are information sources that are used to provide evidence of past events.

Archival materials are generally collected and housed by organizations, such as universities, libraries, repositories, or historical societies.

Examples can include manuscripts, letters, diaries, or any other artifact that the organization decides to collect and house. The structure for archival materials includes: Last name, First initial. Title of the material. Examples: Pearson, J. Letter to James Martin. Marshall, S. Events Along the Canal. If you need clarification, Staffordshire University has additional information. Year created. Example: Gilbert, S. George Washington.

Jensen, L. Faces in the Night. Harvard Reference List Citations for Blogs Blogs are regularly updated webpages that are generally run by an individual. When citing a blog post, use the following format: Last name, First initial. Post title. Example: Cohen, M. Harvard Reference List Citations for Broadcasts To cite a radio or tv broadcast, use the following structure: Series title, Year published. Examples: Modern Family, The Preston and Steve Morning Show Harvard Reference List Citations for Conference Proceedings Conference proceedings are academic papers or presentations that are created or used for the purpose of a meeting or conference.

Use the following structure to cite a conference proceeding: If published online: Last name, First initial. Conference Year. Title of Paper or Proceedings.


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