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It is known that most phones with caller ID is made on the basis of cheap of Asian production. But first, these phones are not very well to put in the office, and secondly, their mechanical elements do not differ high reliability. To have such a device at home, where it is not subjected to intensive use, still acceptable, but if you work with your phone the whole day, then after a while it start to function keys unclear. From this we can conclude that the caller ID, which appearance is not spoil the interior and a long daily work which will not cause headache, should be based on the IP phones companies that high quality. A well thought out design, reliability, availability LCD display make it attractive to buyers.

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For your future reference Serial No. M : [MUTE] was pressed during a conversation p. To cancel the mode, see page To replace the batteries, see page Press down in the direction of the arrow and remove the cover.

Install the batteries in the proper order as shown, matching the correct polarity. Close the battery cover. We recommend to use Alkaline batteries. Battery life is: — about six months in use of Alkaline batteries. After connecting the handset and telephone line cord p. The display shows the programming instructions.

See the corresponding pages for function details. Make sure that a call is not put on hold. If you have touch tone service, set to "Tone". If rotary or pulse service is used, set to "Pulse". Your phone comes from the factory set to "Tone". OR To select "Tone", press Q]. Enter the current time hour and minute using a 4-digit number. To set , enter "". You select PM. Your phone comes from the factory set to 3. Your phone comes from the factory set to HIGH. Tuck the telephone line cord inside the wall mounting adaptor, and push it in the direction of the arrow.

Install screws using the wall template below. Connect the telephone line cord. Mount the unit, and slide down. Screws To temporarily set the handset down during a conversation. To hang up, place the handset on the cradle. Dial a phone number. When the other party answers, talk into the MIC microphone. Handset volume level: 2 Ex. For canceling music, see page To release the hold If the handset is on the cradle, lift the handset.

If the handset is off the cradle, press [HOLD]. This is normal. You can answer it by simply lifting the handset. Do not press any memory stations before storing to prevent misoperation. Lift the handset and place it on the cradle to return to the standby mode, and start again from step 1. Press a memory station number O] to [9] for the phone number to be erased.

Enter a phone number, up to 22 digits. If the phone number is in an UPPER memory location, press the one-touch auto dial button for the phone number to be erased. Memory card Remove the memory card and use it as a name or phone number index for the stored numbers. You can enter numbers to access an answering service, electronic banking service, etc. When you hang up, the mode will return to pulse. This prevents misdialing when you redial or dial a stored number.

To turn OFF, press [2]. Your phone comes from the factory set to ON. Selecting the flash time The flash time depends on your telephone exchange or host PBX. You can select the following flash times: "80, 90, 1 00, 1 1 0, , , , , , ms milliseconds ".

Your phone comes from the factory set to " ms". Consult your PBX installer for the correct setting. The PIN Code is required for the dial lock and call restriction to be set or canceled. The factory preset PIN code is "". Enter a new PIN code using a 4-digit number. Once you locked the dialing buttons, even emergency numbers cannot be dialed. Only incoming calls are accepted until the dial lock is canceled.

Even if the dialing buttons are locked, the number stored in the button can be dialed. Enter the PIN code p. Phone numbers with the restricted leading digits cannot be dialed out. To set the call restriction Make sure that a call is not put on hold. Go to step 6. Your PIN code is "". Enter the number s 1 digit or 2 digits you want to restrict [g to g. Contact your PBX supplier for more information.

Connecting the Optional Headset to the Unit Connect the optional headset to the headset jack as shown below. Install new batteries. Replace the batteries within 1 minute to keep the programmed settings. Battery Precautions: The batteries should be used correctly, otherwise the unit may be damaged by battery leakage. Readjust the time. When you use Manganese batteries, replace all of them once in three months.

The unit does not ring. You cannot dial. To cancel, see page The other party suddenly cannot hear your voice during a conversation. If "ij" is displayed, press [MUTE]. You cannot program items such as the dialing mode. You cannot store a phone number in memory. While programming, the unit starts to ring and stops the program. Start again from the beginning after hanging up. Previously programmed information is erased. Reprogram if necessary. Installations Environment 1 Do not use this unit near water — for example, near a bathtub, washbowl, sink, etc.

Damp basements should also be avoided. Placement 1 Do not place heavy objects on top of this unit. Do not subject this unit to excessive smoke, dust, mechanical vibration or shock. Use only the battery ies specified. Do not dispose of the battery ies in a fire. It they may explode. Released electrolyte is corrosive and may cause burns or injury to the eyes or skin.

The electrolyte may be toxic if swallowed. Exercise care in handling the battery ies in order not to short the battery ies to conductive materials such as rings, bracelets, and keys. Do not recharge the battery ies provided with or identified for use with this product.

The battery ies may leak corrosive electrolyte or explode. Do not attempt to rejuvenate the battery ies provided with or identified for use with this product by heating. Sudden release of battery electrolyte may occur causing burns or irritation to the eyes or skin. Replace all batteries at the same time. IVIixing fresh and discharged batteries could increase internal cell pressure and rupture the discharged batteries.

Applies to products employing more than one separately replaceable primary battery. When installing batteries observe the proper polarity or direction.


Panasonic Easa-Phone KX-T2355 Operating Instructions Manual



Panasonic Panasonic Telephone KX-T2365 Telephone User Manual


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