Yet, she couldnt get past his ego. She knew she would. One minute youre on fire, the next youre ice cold. Smashwords — The Makings of a Good Man — A book by Lietha Wards — page 2 liehta She really didnt want to go out with Tim after what had happened earlier with Marshal, but after supper he showed up to the house and asked her to go for coffee. Cindy, I lieetha the hide off of her after you told me what she did!

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When they moved to a small town in Montana her secret was in danger of being discovered, especially when her father coerced her into taking a job with a local cattleman. He had the way of finding the truth in anything did Marshal Davis, and being attracted to Beth made him more determined to get to the bottom of things. After Father Davis finished his sermon, he asked the Winters family to please stand so he could introduce them.

It was a very nice spread, but not as nice as his uncles. He knew from rumour that the man was a lawyer and had set up practice in Salt Springs, but being a cattleman was something you had to have bred in you.

This man looked nothing like a cattleman in his three piece suit. Marshal felt his lip curl sardonically. Furthermore, something seemed a little odd about the three of them. However, the daughter did and turned her head to look at everyone.

Yet, her expression seemed almost sad as her eyes guided around the room. She was beautiful, there was no doubt. She had long auburn hair that was plaited in a braid that fell halfway down her back, and as she looked around, Marshal saw large almond shaped emerald eyes that complimented perfect skin, oval face and high arched brows.

Ben smirked and did as he was told. His uncle had a reputation for being a hard man, but Ben knew that under that crust was a soft spot for people he cared about. After all, he was raising him. Besides that, people liked him because he had that quiet confident pose about him that drew attention and a few years ago Bobby, a good friend of his told him he should run for mayor when the old one retired.

He would be fair and honest which is what any town needed. He loved ranching and as far as Ben was concerned, his uncle was born to do just that.

He may have been barely in his teens, but he knew a pretty girl when he saw one and Beth Winters was definitely pretty.

When the sermon was over, they were outside the church when Father Davis introduced Marshal to the Winters. Marshal tried to evade him but John spotted him through the crowd and waved him and Ben over, "This is Marshal," He explained as Marshal and Ben approached, "My older brother and he also happens to be your neighbour.

They were opposites in many ways, but their brotherly bond was strong. He actually tried to leave because he knew damn well John would try and waggle him into making the Winters family feel welcome just because he was their neighbour.

As far as Marshal was concerned, he had enough friends and had no desire to gain anymore. Marshal oversaw everything and worked an eighteen hour day which left no time for his love life, not that he wanted one.

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The Makings of a Good Man



Lietha Wards


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