Kagashicage In order to better serve you, please access the online inquiry system. Click to view availability. I have often had to qualify parts by manufacturer. For further assistance using the new web based request system, click here. A 2N from anyone else was NOT a dataxheet If you used, say, ait would be made by one of those manufacturers. The Fairchild 2N specifications just yield a minimum of MHz.

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Mezilrajas Often the only difference between premium parts and others is testing time and grading. Actually, this circuit is a class AB follower. Very few people are willing to carry out conclusive tests, and few of these are willing to post anything online.

I wish this kind of information was unambiguously available for modern parts. I do the same thing when drawing up parts lists and spend some time qualifying alternative parts and sources. Some companies are better about announcing semiconductor process changes than others but I think the ddatasheet over time has been to hide more of this information.

Transistor Catalog Please refer to the Device Datasheet for an image of the part case and material composition information. Maybe they were vatasheet on the same process or the BC was built as a replacement for the 2N on a different process? I know this kind of thing happens. Do make sure that the Ft is taken at the right Ic for each transistor, because it increases with bias.

By continuing to use our website, you agree with our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. The image for CPV-2N is currently unavailable. The 2N looks like a good bet. PDF 2N Datasheet download I did this for the 2N and found them to be identical between and so I would assume Fairchild is either still using process 23 or they never updated the documentation.

Some specifications like leakage daatasheet noise are difficult to test quickly so their guarantied minimum or maximum values reflect testing limitations. In order to better serve you, we have created a new web based request system.

Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of TekScopes groups. Your email is included with the abuse report. Any idea why instead of? I gathered from what I found that the BC series is popular for its low noise. Differences between transistors on the same process were just geometry and National included drawings showing that as well.

See TNA for characteristics. What are the odds that Fairchild is still using anything approximating NS Process 12? Do you have a reference for this? Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. For every part number, it was a list of approved manufacturers and their respective mfr part numbers.

Subject of the new topic: At any rate, do compare datasheets between manufacturers. I would not bother with an exact replacement because it is operating as a simple emitter follower. This is great, since the BC is a sort of rugged monster of a TO, and it even has a complementary part.

You can save a lot of money or grief finding special parts if you grade them yourself. If your ATE can only measure leakage down to 50 or nanoamps common values in the allotted time, then that becomes your guaranteed maximum specification. I should have paid closer attention. At the same time, tubes were still used in this scope, so perhaps Tek was really pushing the edge at this time and it makes sense they may have selected their transistors in order to do that.

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2N3251 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Goltigore Even with the same manufacturer, a part may be moved to a new process changing its unguaranteed characteristics significantly. Subject of the new topic: I do the same thing when drawing up parts lists and spend some time qualifying alternative parts and sources. On 31 Oct A common 2N would be a very close 2n Our website uses cookies! That might be very helpful information! I did not find anything about the BC being a 2N in a different case. I checked that and it is the reason that I did not also recommend the 2N or 2N although I suspect both would work fine without adjusting the circuit.


2N3251 Bipolar Transistor


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