Кому это необходимо Промышленность Простои сборочных конвейеров и оборудования грозят предприятиям значительными убытками. Внедрение системы гибкого энергоменеджмента позволит не только предотвратить некоторые виды аварий, но и в перспективе улучшить экономическую эффективность и конкурентоспособность предприятия в целом. Центры обработки данных Важность некоторых задач, которые выполняет ЦОД для бизнеса столь же велика, как и безаварийный полет строго по расписанию. Разумеется, качеству энергоснабжения современных центров уделяется повышенное внимание.

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The increased variety of functions and comprehensive illustration options enable measurement data and measurement results to be analysed and interpreted more easily. Data can be processed, visualised and analysed with the help of the pre-installed Janitza APPs.

APPs are a function extension of the device homepage. The traffic-light principle makes complex power quality analyses, for example, understandable for everyone. Your benefits Functional expansion of the Janitza measurement devices through in-house APPs Automatically integrated analysis of power quality measurement data according to international standards by traffic light display.

Janitza have provided an open and easily-integrated communications architecture for some time now and this is a prerequisite for the requirements of Industry 4. Integrated extensions of the device software APPs as well as simple integration into the superordinate systems e. APP Push service are some of the core elements of the Janitza PRO series to ensure compliance with the requirements of the latest processes in the future per Industry 4. Thanks to the connection of the measurement devices, APPs and software, the measurement data is more easily interpreted and is available to the user, any-time, any-place.

This avoids timeintensive and cost-intensive manual calculations. Simple presentation facilities e. This enables timely intervention and so operational processes are able to continue uninterrupted. In addition, it is also possible to implement further function modules, monitor threshold values and send fault messages via email.

Measurement monitor Configurable display of current and historical measured values with automatic scaling. The time window of the historical measurement data can be scaled by the user directly in the diagram. The detailed view of the graphs is thus interactive. Scaling is automatic when displaying real-time measured values.

Alongside the colourcoding of the diagram presentation, it is also possible to export the graphs as graphics files. Data can be simply analysed at a first glance with the help of this graphical preparation. The web-based solution offers the advantages of constant availability, both on mobile end devices and on computers.

As the applicable standard, EN forms the reference point for the quality description of the electrical energy supply in public supply networks and is applicable throughout Europe. Legally secure and continuous monitoring of the power quality is necessary for this.

The integrated visualisation, designed in the form of a traffic-light style indicator, enables immediate detection in the event of an infringement of the threshold values from the standard.

It represents a guiding standard for many product and machinery construction standards and defines immunity levels for the voltage distortions that the machinery and systems in industrial operations must comply with in all operating states.

If this level is exceeded — in particular over extended periods of time — this can lead to failures, unnecessary repair costs and possibly even to production shutdowns.

Continuous monitoring of the power quality in all technical systems per IEC is necessary in order to guarantee fault-free operation of the systems and machinery installed.


Energy management



Power analyser UMG 604-PRO



Janitza umg 604 Operating Manual



Janitza UMG 605 Operating Manual


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