The Measuring As with its predecessor, the A58 dispenses with an optical viewfinder in favour of an electronic version, and uses a fixed semi-translucent mirror instead of the moving non-translucent mirror of a DSLR. The Sony A58 can shoot full-resolution To achieve the full 8fps you need to set the exposure mode dial to the dedicated Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority AE shooting mode, which locks the exposure at the start of the sequence and uses the 1.

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And I just picked up an a58 to try one out. I will test out the focus once I get it charged up and let you know if I experience the same issues. I have the 50 1. The a65 is a gem of a camera for the landscape shots I like!

I decided to get the a58 but I was back and forth many times between it and another a65 body. Back focussing is very frustrating I am sorry to anyone who had purchased one based somewhat on my pics and samples.. If yours back-focusses the a58 is going to have to probably be answered for or remedied by sony I imagine. Thank you and sorry.. If my copy is experiencing the same thing I will let you know. My thought process in going for the a58 was it was a low risk situation with such good pricing.

We can only assume that you used a stable support to avoid cam movement. Did you? Highly recommended. Ralf I only know Its also the only one I use. If center is off I cannot make due whatsoever honestly.

And I liked the camera a lot. For me to try and make it work would be sheer idiocy.. Its not the only camera obviously that has had focusing issues. After reading the reviewers findings though and my recent experience it makes me wary. I hope its a rare occurance, for myself it is highly noticeable. Fast lenses and long focal lengths are a killer in critical focus if off in the slightest.

And many new users will not even notice Thank you,brian.


Sony α SLT-A58 Instruction Manual



Sony SLT-A58 Specs


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